Friday, July 21, 2006

I always thought people who posted their thoughts online and put them in a blog format were pompous. It's akin to a supervisor who calls meeting repeatedly, not to get things done, but to make folks listen to them for 2 hours at a time. But now that I've jumped on this blog bandwagon(peep the alliteration son), I am putting a different spin on it. Blogs are designed to keep anti-social people like me from going crazy..thus the web address.

Now I have two things on my mind this fine friday. One, I need a new barbershop. I was cheated on my main barber, and now there is dissension in the ranks so I have to abandon ship altogether. I've been going to the same shop in PG Plaza(fuck the new name) for 10 years, and now I have to go elsewhere. This is not a good look. Had my other barber not jacked up my hairline, I'd be straight. Now i'm reduced to going to a new shop and praying that I can find a "one take barber", who will cut my hair right the first time.

Two, it is nice to see Tiger Woods get his swagger back at the British Open. I would never have watched golf it hadn't been for Tiger, and when he is doing badly, all is not well with the world. He's playing well, he's put his father's death in perspective, and he's back on top...for now. That's a tenuous position but for now i'll take it.

as i'm typing i am realizing that this initial entry sucks ass. But its mine, so I can do that. Perhaps i'll post more later. This is all for now.


Brandon aka Shortcut said...

Hilarious man. You never do that unless you openly communicate. You must have an open relationsship established. You gotta tell the mf "look man, see what you did? Come on now..." and cleverly wait until he leaves the shop to get food (time it) and then sit in another chair. "Hey man, I was lookin for you! but I'm in a rush!"

Try my barber (when I actually let someone else chop me, lot like I have a hairline anymore anyway, he does my beard for special events)
Darryl - Mahogany Hair Gallery (silver spring and he has a spot downtown) 301-332-5861

of course mention you're a friend of Brandon Felton's and he'll be real nice to you and won't get jealous if you go to someone else. Just make sure you don't bring up religion or you'll have bible study every visit...

Anonymous said...

This is EXACTLY the type of blog I always knew you were capable of. Job well done!!!

I will start a prayer circle in hopes of you solving the barber dilemma. Actually, I think you should visit the referral barber, tell him your name is Rashad and take along the Qu'ran just for fun. That would be awesome blog material.