Friday, August 04, 2006

"Dog, I need a new batch of hoes!" Sabin, my roommate back in college used to say this during our freshman year. Every 2 months or so he'd come in the room, sit on his bed, and he'd give me a mini State of the Union address on his women, and how he had grown tired of them and their accompanying antics. We'd talk about it a bit, and then he would come to the conclusion that he did indeed need a fresh batch of "hoes". Of course 14 years later, the language is harsh, but I understand that sentiment. Every now and then, a person needs a change whether it be women, employment, clothes, scenery, etc..The people or situations that you are leaving behind may not completely understand why you are leaving them, but that doesn't make it any less necessary. I need to call Sabin and pay him royalties for stealing his phrase, and let him know that it was applicable in 1992, and in a different way it is still getting it done in 2006. In my case, I had a couple of friends that I had to separate from yesterday for a variety of reasons. One friend and I had just has philosophical differences, and the other just plain overstepped the boundaries, as she habitually had done throughout our friendship. An habitual linestepper I believe they are called(damn i said I'd never quote the Chappelle show in this damn blog). The funny thing is while I was in the process of getting rid of these friends, I had about a 2 hour conversation with my boys yesterday who I've known for damn near 18 years. When we get on the phone and talk the maturity level plummets to about age 9, and you'd never know that we all have college degrees and successful careers. It's just three boys, talking shit, laughing, and during that suspended moment in time all seems well with the world. I'll never need a new batch of friends like that, regardless of who else comes and goes.

I'm on a quest to find some fresh brown tennis shoes, and I'm coming up way short. I have ZERO savvy when it comes to picking tennis shoes..never have. I'd gladly pay someone to buy not only shoes, but my entire wardrobe, because clearly that isn't my strength. But I've always wanted a pair of brown tennis shoes whether they be adidas, skechers or even pumas, but I've yet to find a pair to tickle my fancy. These are the type of thoughts that occupy my mind on a Friday morning. That's a sad state of affairs.

I am feeling someone new, but I ain't speaking on that just yet. I'll save that for Monday or tomorrow if I can get on a damn computer. This lack of home computer access is seriously stifling my blog..

i think this is as scatterbrained as I've been since I've started this damn be that way sometimes though


Hannibal said...

do u hear the lambs crying clarice ?

Shaun said...

Mmmmmmmm you willing to pay for someone to hook you up with a wardrobe???? Hit me up we will talk and work it You know how I do.

Jo said...

tickle my fancy? hmmnnn - you are funny! by the way, this was a "good" scatterbrained entry.