Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I have mad respect for those people who grow beards like Kevin Smith, Gerald Levert, and Abraham Lincoln. Ive been growing mine for 5 days, already it is itching me like crazy. I'm about five minutes away from screaming, "Wilson" and planning some raft construction. And even if I survive this phase, if I grew it out, I'd have to shape it up everyday. I just don't have that kind of time or precision. Every year I say I"m going to grow one, and then I get to this phase and cut not only my beard off, but all facial hair. I end up looking like Morpheus(my face is smoother than Larry Fishburne's though..that brother needs an airbrush at ALL times). And then on top of that, I was told today that my mustache is much too thin, so now I'm rocking the Hitler with the itchy beard. Ideally, I'd rock the strong Juwan Howard goatee ( I've always admired that from afar..Unfortunately, there's no way a man can compliment another man on his facial hair..and if that happens something extremely masculine has to follow the compliment like "let's go play rugby" or "let's watch the Godfather and Scarface back to back son".


Hannibal said...

lil richard? that you?

Anonymous said...

You crack me UP!!! I love it!