Monday, August 14, 2006

I should have written about this in my initial blog entry, but I was scared. However, this is MY blog, and I should be writing about any and every nasty little thing that comes into my nasty mind. That's the Rashad way. I guess this paragraph shall serve as a disclaimer.

Going down on a woman (under the right set of circumstances) is truly a beautiful thing It's like being in rock band, and being pointed at by the leader to do a 5 minute guitar solo. You step up to the front of the audience, close your eyes, and just go for what you know. First you lure the audience in by playing the chorus of the song, so they can get comfortable with you, and to establish a rhythm..then you break off into the meat of the solo. You close your eyes, and summon all of the strength and creativity you have, and you just let loose. Every now and then you take a peak at the audience to see if they are feeling you, and you notice they have their eyes closed in ecstasy, so you just keep playing to what feels good to them. Towards the end of the solo, you tease the audience by playing a bit of the original melody, just to keep them off balance, then you immediately go back to the solo. The audience is caught a bit off guard, but they are so mesmerized by your total performance that they just sit there and enjoy the ride. Then, for the finale' you just throw all the talent and skill you have into the solo, until you have no more to are spent and tired, and they thank you, by squirting..I mean throwing water(and maybe panties) at you onto the stage.


Anonymous said...

Hey ... few cats know how to play a bonafide solo. But those who do ... let's just say the ladies never forget us.

Shaun said...

ROFL! Dayyyyyyyyyyyuuuummm Rashad!

soft&subtle said...

I may have to buy tickets to your performance sometime in the future.