Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tony Kornheiser, one of my favorite sports personalities, made his debut on Monday Night Football last night. I've been reading Tony's columns in the Washington Post since '87; I've been listening to him on the sportstalk radio since '97, and I've been watching him on ESPN since '01. But last night's performance was just bad. Preseason football is always hard to broadcast, since the meaningful subplots pretty much dwindle after the starters leave in the first quarter. After that, the announcers are basically forced to riff, and try to make the audience believe that the scrubs that are playing the remainder of the game are actually important. When you add in thatTony was making his initial appearance on MNF, you have a disaster. None of his usual wit, candor, and mean-spiritedness showed up. Unlike the Washington Post though, who killed him in the morning paper, I am going to give him another chance.

A friend of mine brought to my attention yesterday that I am wasting my talent. She basically said that my current job doesn't even come close to tapping into my abilities or my talent. I've known that for a couple of years, and part of the reason I'm tackling this blog, as well as other writing projects, is to get me in the correct mindstate. But it is REAL difficult to leave the comfort zone of making good money for doing something that you can take or leave. I admire those folks who step out on faith (the first and last religious phrase that I will use on this blog), and put their trust in God (ok one more), and just take a chance by leaving their job to do what they really want. If I had a bit more money saved or a rich older woman to be my sponsor, I would definitely do that. For right now, I'm content to keep my main job, while finding smaller jobs to satisfy my fix. But even that is getting real close to running its course. I need to be writing about something and getting paid for it. I wonder if Penthouse is hiring..

I thought of about two or more things to write about like my past infatuation with older women, or my two past affairs with married women, but I just don't feel like cluttering my blog with that b.s. today. To be honest, I typed it out, then backspaced and deleted in the middle. Maybe later.


Hannibal said...

I often find people are always free to give out the things they needs most...i.e. their own advice. I'd take the conversation with a grain of salt. It's about finding your path in the time that it is shown to you. I hate life advice..it's like..yeah your life is that great you're advising me about mine..thanks :)

devilsadvocate said...

he was THAT bad???