Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So yesterday, I got several comments from people basically telling me that yesterday's entry was boring and it sucked ass. I have mixed feelings about comments like that. On one hand I ALWAYS appreciate any bit of criticism, praise or suggestion. It lets me know folks are reading, and they actually care. But on the other hand, I think its a little unfair to expect that my blog be action packed every damn day. My life is simply not that exciting on a day to day basis, and some days my thought process is just plain boring. And then on other days, I have thoughts of giving and receiving oral sex on my desk during work hours. These things are never planned though, its totally spontaneous. I've come to the conclusion that I'm suffering from what is called the Mary J Blige syndrome. When Mary J Blige was getting hurt, beat up and just overall having a hard time in relationships, her cd's were absolutely great. You could hear the pain in every note, every song, and scorned men and women everywhere fell hook, line and sinker and bought it. And then Mary had the nerve to go and find a man, and get happy, and her cds have been painfully mediocre. Even though everyone wants to be happy, they tend to like their music pain-ridden and miserable, and I guess I'm one of those people. That's why the blues and country music continues to thrive and has such a huge following: They both center around pain and great suffering. Rumor has it that Mary is on the verge of a divorce, which means I need to pre-order her new cd right now.

Basically my point is, my blog seemed to be more exciting when there was some kind of drama going on in my life. Although, as I navigate through this self-discovery period, some interesting thoughts still may run across my mind. So perhaps exciting entries are a-coming after all. I will say this though: I miss steady sex. Oh I miss it with a passion. I can honestly say that since February when my then girlfriend graciously gave it up after the third date, I haven't gone longer than a week without doing it. Unless I get weak or stumble on the Flavor of Love set or something, that isn't happening anytime soon. It gets to the point where I look at people who have really never been all that sexy to me(Suzy Kolber of ESPN fame), and I start thinking of them riding me with reckless abandon. It's really a sad state of affairs. I need to recruit a woman who is my same predicament, and who wants NOTHING but sex for a strong month. Then I'd be sick of it for another month, and all would be well with the world. Sadly, these women do NOT seem to exist in the DC area. (that sentence is a plea in disguise) Plus part of me thinks I'm too old to be settling for that kind of arrangement........yeah right. In the words of immortal Q-Tip, "my mind is in a frenzy and a horny state".

And I'll end my entry with Electric Relaxation. I'll give $100 to anyone who can tell me the chorus to that song.

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soft&subtle said...

Make sure you give me my $100.00 chief.

Relax yourself girl, please set-tle down (4X)