Friday, September 08, 2006

There are some days when I sit down and do this blog stuff, and I realize that I really have nothing to say. It is only when I start typing, and do less thinking that the words start flowing thru me(this sounds like some spoken word bullshit). However, today is NOT one of those days. I had something happen to me that I wish I was making up. And all of this before 7:00am.

So I'm walking towards the train station listening to my new Georgia Anne Muldrow CD, (which is damn good by the way, pick it up). While I'm walking, I notice a brother in a gold Corolla driving by me rolling down his window. I give him the head nod, and gives me the same, and I keep it moving..or so I thought. Less than 30 seconds later, I hear someone running up on me, and I quickly remove my headphones, and turn around. Granted I haven't been in a fight in 10 years, but I get defensive and assume the fight pose like Tyson in the first round. The same brother who gave me the head nod, taps me on the shoulder and asks me if I go or went to Howard U, to which I respond with a resounding no (Hampton University is my alma mater). Then he asks me if I teach in the area, and I say no sir, but it is at THIS point, that I suspect that he may have the gay. He goes on about how he just moved back to the area from New York, and he's just trying to get to know people, and I look familiar. I continue to give him the same BK mascot expression. Then he extends his hand, introduces himself to me, and asks me my name and I give it to him.

Now at this juncture, I have already thought of my escape, so I'm very calm and cool. He asks me if i have a good memory, and I say not at 7am, but he shouts his number anyway(leaving out the area code). Then I saw well alright, I'm going to run along now, and he asks me for my number. Now I don't care if you have the gay, you are a woman, or anything in between. If you call out your number, and the person you give it to blows you off(poor word choice I know), doesn't write down the number, and attempts to leave, chances are they aren't going to call. The proper thing for me to have done would have been to say I'm not interested man, and keep it moving. But I'm not proper. So I remove my headphones and ask the brother why he wants my number..and he starts to stutter a bit. He says that maybe we can hang out sometime..I say why do I want to hang out with someone I dont know..and he says you should be open to meeting new people. About a million and one smartass comments came to mind, but I let him off the hook and said, I don't need your number, and you don't need mine. He then says, I left my car parked on the side on the street, and I need to go move it, and I say you do that man. Then I hear him say nice meeting you, but I'm already jamming to my new cd at that point.

This is the fif time I have been hit on by a gay dude since I've lived in DC(1997). And this is the boldest anyone has gotten. This dude pulled off of a major DC street during rush hour to talk to me like he wanted to take me back to his Neverland ranch or something. Now granted I do have on a pink shirt, but in this day in age, dudes can wear pink and still maintain their masculine swagger. Plus I was in Atlanta (The Black Gay Mecca) two weeks ago, and I wasn't hit on at all, so why here in DC? Anyway.. I need to find a gay man who doesn't want me, and ask him what is it about me that would cause this to happen. I'm just curious at this point..

I had other things to say this morning, but they'll have to wait. Wait..there were various subplots leading up to yesterdays Steelers/Dolphins game, but the one everyone left out was that two black quarterbacks were starting in a primetime game that kicked off the season. The fact that not a single TV broadcast mentioned this, means that the sports world is taking successful babysteps towards recognizing that this men are QBs..not black QBs. Of course Daunte Culpepper's performance didn't do much for getting rid of the black-QBs-suck stigma, but Charlie Batch more than made up for it.

And speaking of brothers, it was nice to see James Blake put up a bit of a fight against Roger Federer last night. Nobody's beating Roger though..not in this tournament.


Hannibal said...

I wept when Blake lost steam...

Jo said...

You ARE kidding me . . .you had me falling out laughing with this one . . .but actually here's a tip . . .they say gays instinctively know other gays when they see/meet them . . .maybe he knew something you didn't . . .just a thought. ;o)