Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today marks the official start of the National Football League season, and this will be the 26th season that I've watched. Of course back when I started watching, the games were on Sundays and Mondays, with the exception of the Thanksgiving game, and the Saturday games that came on in December. Now, football is on Thursday night, Sunday, Sunday night and Monday. And Monday Night Football is now on ESPN, which now means if you don't have cable, you are out of luck.

But anyway, the start of the season makes me think about the first time I watched a game on tv. I was living in Cleveland, and back then I was a Browns fan. I would occasionally look at football, but my attention span as a 5 year old was not all that good. Then suddenly I noticed this. I sat right up and said, Daddy, that man has my name on his jersey. He explained to me that man was Ahmad Rashad (formerly Bobby Moore), and THAT was my official introduction to football. Since my name was being paraded around the football field, I felt it was my duty to not only watched Mr. Rashad, but all the other teams as well. I actually want that picture framed, and put in my house. And if throwback jerseys were still in style, I'd purchase Ahmad Rashad's jersey and wear it out, like Linus and his blanket. But I digress. My prediction for tonight: Dolphins win 20-10.

I know I have touched on this subject before, but it deserves yet another mention. Having female friends is truly a beautiful thing. It's like having the answers to the test everyday of college...its like being Michael J Fox when he goes back in time, already knowing how the future will turn out; its like going out on a date with a woman you've already had sex with, and you just KNOW that you will get some. Female friends provide me with all kinds of insight and juicy nuggets of info, that I'd otherwise be in the dark about. Sadly, this has yet to translate into a successful relationship with a woman, but I don't blame my female friends for no no..That is my own inept behavior. In the past couple of weeks I've learned about women's masturbatory habits, what women feel and think while dating/courting a guy, the frequency with which women think about sex, what women go thru in terms of finding, styling, and maintaining their hair, what women consider to be cheating versus what's faithful, and countless other lessons. If there is a silver lining to be found in not trying to sleep with a woman, this is it.

I'm still nervous about the personal trainer tonight..tomorrow's entry should be interesting


Hannibal said...

female friends rock! now, dont fuck it up jack

Jo said...

Maestro, I really liked the football introduction story . . . I had no idea . . . I could picture your excitement as a little kid . . . nice story . . .also, is it me, or is your writing getting more eloquent, not that it wasn't before, but you seem to be writing more savvy . . . with more finesse and just more ease . . . hmmm . . .don't know - anyway, keep it up . . .I am loving the words.