Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ok, I'm over the gloom and doom of the last few days. The legal wheels are in motion, and that's all I'll say about that right now. There's being emotional, and there's being downright annoying, and I think I crossed that line about 3 days ago. I'm back on the other side now.

It is extremely difficult to tell certain women how nice they look. First thing this morning, I saw this woman and told her how nice she looked, but when she said thank you she had a real funny look on her face. It really isn't my fault that she usually wears clothes that are two sizes too big and swallow her up. Today she was sporting her power suit, with a nice shirt underneath and she looked professional sexy(I stole that phrase from Mark Foley). In the past, I've told women that they look nice, and they immediately get defensive and start complaining about me not saying anything to them about their wardrobe on any other day. The cold harsh reality is that people only really look nice once a week, twice if they are really ambitious. After you work somewhere for awhile, you see someone's entire work repetoire, and that makes genuine compliments harder to come by. I don't make these rules, I simply observe them.

One thing I forgot to mention last week, was that I went to play basketball the night before I left for out of town. There was no one really on the court for me to play with, so I just wore myself out. But while I was out there playing ball, there were these group of kids who were ages 5-8. The boys were playing ball on the small court, and the girls were double dutching. At one point, this girl was jumping, and two of the boys starting yelling out, "Look at that big juicy ass, shake that ass girl", and at first I laughed..ok I laughed for a good five minutes, but I kept my back to them. But then these types of comments just kept going on and on, so I dribbled the ball to where they were and just kind of looked at them. I didn't say anything, I just started shooting at their court, and made my presence felt. They immediately stopped, and I went back to my court. Anytime they cursed or started making disrespectful comments, they would look my way and stop. Of course this did not work for the girls..they cursed at will regardless of my presence.

This had me thinking though..all it took to get these kids to be conscious of what's coming out of their mouth was a look and a stare from me. So what the hell is going on with their parents? Well I'll tell a couple of instances, a child's parent would come up to the court to take their kid home, and I heard the following from the adults: "Get your ass in this car"...."I'm not going to take this shit", "Goddammit would you come on?". I couldn't make this up if I tried. Now I'm all for cursing, in fact I heavily endorse it, but all bets are off when kids are involved. In the past, I have slipped up and cursed in front of my son, but I quickly nipped it in the bud, explained what I said, and apologized. I also told him that if he ever repeated what I said, I'd gently throw him from a moving train. He understood. I dont understand the rationale of parents repeatedly cursing at their kids. I know my parents cursed, but they never did it to me. Of course there are some parents who think that you should not censor yourself in front of kids, because they will hear curses out in the real world anyway. Using that logic, you should also do heroin, run a prostitution ring, and get Charleston Heston and the NRA to sell guns to your child. That's faulty logic man.

I hate the Yankees with a passion. It is easy to be good every year, when you are operating on a larger salary cap than every other team in baseball. But I reserve my largest ball of hate for Derek Jeter. First off, I can't stand his haircut. Nobody rocks a fade like that anymore..when he first came in the league I gave him a pass, because it was 1996, and there were still some residual fade wearers. But it is now 2006, and that cut is not only outdated, it is downright offensive. And I know he's bi-racial, but that's no excuse. Tiger Woods has about 56 races in his blood, and he has a respectable haircut. Second, Derek Jeter ALWAYS gives politically correct interviews. He never slips up and curses, he never badmouths teammates, he never shows anger, he just answers questions, and then smiles as if to say, "nope you aren't going to catch me slipping". I don't like my athletes pristine clean like that. The reason Charles Barkley was such a good person to interview during his playing days, is that he spoke his mind all the time. Jeter needs to take notes..even if he lost his temper a few times, he'd get a pass because he's light-skinned, so he should go for it man. And of course the last reason I don't like Jeter, is that he's a good baseball player for the Yankees. Good players on good teams always annoy me. If he really wanted to impress me, he'd come play for the Washington Nationals..then he'd win me over.

It's nice to be writing normal again. I'm sure i'll be emotional again, but a brief reprieve never hurt anyone. And now, a selection from Maxwell entitled Seguranca(Love Security).


Hannibal said...

Glad u're back...welcome...

u were getting a taste annoying...just a daub

Jo said...

Welcome back . . .as for the cursing . . .I was just witness to that the other day. It was early in the morning and this woman was cursing at her son for dirtying his tennis, she was saying how she wasn't going to buy him any if he f'd them up because he was f'ing stupid and f'ing being a bad ass. . .and all kinds of other horrible stuff. And I was like . . .what a sad day, indeed when parents speak to their children with such hatred and filth . . . and we wonder what has happened to our children???