Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I know the Republican candidates who lost last night(and this morning in some cases) have to be looking at President Bush, and saying, "See what you did to me you dumb ass". There are some political careers who have taken a hit as a result of this mini Democratic revolution, and in the case of George Allen, some presidential aspirations have taken a serious detour. I'll never truly understand why there is such excitement from either party when they can claim the majority..back in '94, Newt Gingrich led this same type of revolution for the Republican party. These things go in cycles, and as citizens all we can do is vote, hope we can navigate the machines properly, and just sit and wait.

The funniest part of this election process is the speech the loser has to give, when they have officially been defeated, and they have to concede. I don't know who made this rule up, but I'll be goddamned if I give a congratulatory speech to the man who just defeated me. Lots of money, time and energy go into a campaign, and a candidate shouldn't be made to concede the same day they got their ass kicked. I think I would ask for a recount, even if I lost by 30% of the vote. And then after that, I'd wait until the swearing in ceremony of the person who defeated me, and then I'd give a press conference and ask my followers to antagonize the new candidate as much as possible. Would this effectively end my political career? Hell Yes. But more importantly, would I hold on to my sore loser title? Hells Yes! The other silver lining of losing an election? Your honorarium goes through the roof. You can basically appear on any college campus, and they will pay you an obscene amount of money to run your mouth about life and your political views. You can also join one of the major networks, and get paid once again to talk shit about your political opinion(which must not be worth too much, because if it was, wouldn't you have won the damn election?) Anyway..enough politics

As I walked through the pouring rain today, I had a thought that I'd like to be sitting in the middle of a river/ocean/lake. I'd like to be in my boat with a cigar, my IPOD that would be playing smooth jazz(yeah right)..ok John Coltrane, a raincoat with a matching fisherman hat, and my fishing gear. I'd turn my phone off, and I'd just sit there catching fish, listening to music, and plotting to take over the world. I really want to make that happen soon. That's one of my fantasies that doesn't involve me being rich or having three naked women all over me.

My father sent me this picture (dated August 2006) yesterday, and I sat and stared at it for a good 10 minutes. My parents divorced in '93, and since then these types of photo-ops have been few and far between. We took a pic like this during my graduation back in '97, but my parents clearly weren't feeling each other back then. Now? Enough time has gone by, and everyone is happy. My parents are smiling. Why is my brother not smiling? He's trying to be hard. Why I am not smiling? It was 90 degrees and I am the only one in the picture who has to contend with the sun. Still, it's a picture that is special to me, so I'm sharing.


hadassah444 said...

you would've loved the guy here who lost, he was ruthless in his speech. I gave him props!

nice picture but damn, are you sure you werent being hard too, hahaha!

Jo said...

Where is your hair? Thanks for sharing your photo op. And yeah, I can see you being a sore looser. It fits your character. ;o)