Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I was in the midst of a great mystery this morning on the train. Angela Lansbury and Columbo combined would have truly been stumped by this conundrum I found myself in. I was surrounded by professional people on the train, and I say that because sometimes kids and "regular" people are on the train during my rush hour commute. But on this particular morning, everyone had on suits and business casual attire. By no means does this mean you are a "professional" but for the purposes of this blog entry, it means exactly that. Anyway, I was standing there, and all of a sudden the strong, fierce stench of urine came over me. And when I say fierce, I am not at all exaggerating. And I was thoroughly perplexed, because I couldn't really see anybody who had that pee pee look, and I definitely didn't see anyone who looked homeless or stank so I was just confused. But clearly I wasn't the only one who smelled it, because as the smell traveled, everyone starting making the bitter beer face. Eventually I came to the conclusion that someone in nice clothing, just lost total control of their urinary powers and they sat silently as it ran down their leg slowly. That couldn't have been a good feeling. Sadly, I found this both amusing and disgusting.

I was late coming into work this morning, because I had to get some court documents for a friend of mine. While I was in line at the courthouse, I saw about 20-30 people who were headed to court. How do I know this? Because they were damn near bragging and boasting about how they were going to beat the rap. There black, asian and white kids out there ranging from around 20 to about age 30. NONE of these dudes were dressed for court. They may as well have been headed to the mall. There were bagging clothing, football jerseys, do-rags, and oversized jackets, and I instantly felt old. Color me crazy, but I thought an appearance in court was a serious matter, that involved serious attire. These dudes were taking this situation a little TOO in stride, almost like a badge of honor. I refuse to just pass that off as, "oh that's just how the kids are today", because that's just feeding into the low expectations. But still it was both sad and disappointing. These are the types of occurrences that make me wish I was teaching high school again. I couldn't change every kid, but at least then I felt like I was a positive role model. Now I just feel detached, but I know I can do something about it. I just haven't been motivated until now.

There is a jewelery store right by my building that is in the midst of a holiday sale. To commemorate this sale, they decided to put a dancing Santa Claus in front of the building. Now, this doesn't scare me, because the fear factor bar has been set high by the Burger King mascot, but still it is incredibly creepy. Not only that, if I was homeless person, I'd be organizing some type of petition, because it is taking all of the attention away from them. And yes I'm going to hell for that..

This song that I'm about to share with you, reminds of those Charlie Brown cartoons that used to come on when I was younger. Snoopy and Woodstock would be talking about how to solve life's problems, and in the background you'd here a song like this


Janelle said...

If you think it was bad on the train, imagine having to work with that person. Or how about sharing cubicle space with the pee pee person??? Thats grounds for leaving work earlier due to toxic fume contamination.

I agree no one takes anything seriously anymore. These knuckelehads believe in that keeping in real bullshit. But just like Dave Chapelle said there is a time "when keeping it real goes wrong". Lets see how real they keep it when they are locked up, crying for their momma when they become the new booty candy in cell block 6.

Couldn't the store have hired the homeless man to dance in a Santa suit in front of the store??? I guarantee that wouldn't have been more entertaining.

hadassah444 said...

speaking of charlie brown remember how every time Charlie went to kick the ball, homegirl would move it....

make a difference Rashad go back and teach....

Jo said...

You had me cracking up with the "bitter beer" face!

And what are you gonna do now that you are motivated to make a difference?

And WHY is everyone so scared of the Burger King mascot . . .do you think Burger King Execs expected that when they came up with him . . .and better yet, WHAT idiot came up with him and WHICH one of the advertising Execs at Burger King ACTUALLY approved that ugly and senseless mascot. Mascots are supposed to be fun looking like McDonald. Clearly Burger King isn't advertising for kids and maybe not even for adults.

Love the song . . .all I need now is a glass of wine!