Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In about 48 hours, millions of people in this country will be hitting the malls, shopping centers, so that they can spend insane amounts of money. This is a phenomenon, that I have never really understood. I hear folks at work talking about how early in the morning they will get up on Black Friday, just so they can beat the rush(which won't happen). I hear people making it seem like they just have to spend money on that day, because the sales are just too good to pass up. I mean is it really that serious(rhetorical)? I know I can be unusually cranky around the holiday season, so perhaps it is just me. But I'm not running around a mall or shopping center trying to dodge the crazies and empty my wallet all at the same time. besides, my wallet is empty already.

Rule number 4081: Never listen to folks' opinions on something, until you check it out yourself. I had been hearing mixed reviews about Jay-Z's new cd, and some of the songs I had initially heard sounded just ok; however, I listened to the cd in my headphones this morning from start to finish, and I must say I was impressed. It isn't his best work, but the beats are good, the lyrics are clever as usual, and its an overall solid effort. But it isn't garbage, like folks in internet land were trying to say. As I have written in this here blog before, it is very difficult for a rapper over 35 to stay relevant and interesting. LL Cool J has been trying to do it by taking his clothes off all the time, masking the fact that he has no lyrics at all. So I admire Jay's attempt to stay cool and act his age on this cd. Plus I was able to appreciate it more, because I didn't buy it. Someone was nice enough to burn it for me.

I know this will sound borderline gay, but I need a hug right now, preferably from a big breasted friend of mine. Sometimes you just need a hug to get you through the day or the week, and if you can feel breasts in the process, that just really makes it come together that much more. And I'm not even joking here. I've had an interesting week so far, and I could really use one.

and now, some Jay-Z: Intro


Mixmaster Faye said...

Jay Z is more grown than LL? First, he hasn't been in the game as long and isn't as diversified. Beyond that though Jay Z is still reminiscing about being a drug dealing murderer and is currently in a battle with a corny grown man who just joined the Crips. LL is writing songs about how he loves his wife. I dunno son...leave LL out of this. And I won't go on a Jay Z tirade.

Uh and to the real reason why I actually came here to your blog (ugh...this is not gonna be a habit) is to say that you inspired me to try to write more and I have BACK TO BACK entries in my blog...CELEBRATION!

hadassah444 said...

Can I get a copy of Jay's cd, I'm broke too...

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

are you looking for a hug from a particular big breasted friend or just any big breasted friend? i know you have a few of them.

lol @ faye. she'll be in here reading. you inspired me too.

Janelle said...

I hate crowds and I hate people who try to push you to see who's going to empty their wallet first! I just want to elbow them in the throat so I do my shopping online or at crazy times when most people should be at work or home cooking dinner for their family! LOL

Oh and don't forget about LL licking his damn lips like he is need of a tub of chapstick to keep people buying his cds.


(I'm not big breasted but here's a cyber hug! LOL)

Jo said...

Well, maybe your wish for a hug will come through this weekend. As for Black Friday, why was I just asking my co-workers what the hell that was? . . . Oooopppps I guess you know who is clueless about shopping. Well, needless to say, they were all too happy to tell me about the "GREAT (with a huge exclamation point) sales" that you can get on "Black Friday." Give me a break . . .they can't really be that great AND definitely not great enough to put up with a bunch of wierdos and an already empty pocket-book. Who cares about - wait I just thought about it - why does it have to be called BLACK Friday? Is that like some racist slur or something? Yeah, why does it have to be called BLACK? I have to contemplate that one. Well, what I was going to say was . . .who the heck cares about "THE DARK FRIDAY" - like its Halloween or something - I'd rather be chillin' in my bed reading a good book and drinking hot tea, or something to that effect. Well, whatever you do, my friend, enjoy it!