Monday, November 13, 2006

You ever have one of those mornings, that when the alarm goes off, you're hoping and praying that the time displayed is wrong, and it really isn't time to get up. I've had Saturday and Sunday mornings, when I literally wake up and think that its Monday morning, and then something kicks in and I realize that its the weekend. When I woke up this morning, I was tired, my eyes were burning and everything, but I had no really was Monday morning. And to top it off, it was cold and rainy, and the wind was howling around my window. If I had someone to wake up too, I definitely would NOT have gone to work, but no such luck, so I am here at work, and surprisingly I'm not too cranky. I have the headache from hell, but that's probably because I need new glasses, that I've yet to visit the doctor for.

I went to a wedding on Saturday night, and I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had. My date and I were a little late, due to the fact that she had to perform a million and one alterations to her dress, her makeup and everything in between; however, when I saw the final product I was impressed. She looked beautiful and she smelled good. Me? I cleaned up I was rocking some new Kenneth Cole cufflinks that I had purchased in ATL back in August, but rarely worn. The actual ceremony was in a church, and it was short and sweet. The reception was at a nearby hotel, and this is where the real fun was had. There was an open bar, that my date and I almost abused(we were one of the few black couples there, and to be drinking all the liquor would have been fulfilling the stereotype) it. I got tipsy off wine, and my date kept drinking champagne. The band was incredible..they started off playing Sade, "No Ordinary Love", then they went into Levert's, "Casanova"..other hits included "Fly Like An Eagle", "I Shot the Sheriff", and my personal favorite, "Slipping Into Darkness". To be honest, I didn't think the older, white folks would dance at first, but that was ME feeding into the stereotype. Everyone dance and had a good time. I tried unsuccessfully to palm my date's ass while we were slow dancing, but she wasn't having it..even though she did have quite a nice one. Overall it was good wedding, but an even better date. We laughed and joked the whole time, and not just because of the open bar.

During the wedding, I found myself wondering what it would be like to be married. My thoughts ranged from planning the wedding, to inviting my boys and family, to picking the songs, and everything else that it is involved in a wedding. My date and I even talked a bit about it. Ideally, I want a small wedding and a bigger reception, and I'd like to get married in a tropical environment. I'd get a jazz band to play during the meal and during cocktail hour before the meal. And then for the dancing portion of the evening, I'd hire a DJ to spin all my favorite songs. I think my blog would stop once I got married too. Either that or it would become less personal. There would be some thoughts that only my wife could be privy to..but enough about that for now.

I hate it when major events happen over the weekend, and then your co-workers want to chat you up about them like they just happened. I know Ed Bradley and Gerald Levert died over the weekend, but I dont need to discuss that with you on Monday morning. I actually wouldn't mind discuss the tribute to Ed Bradley that 60 minutes, but most of my co-workers probably don't even know how long 60 minutes is, let alone when it comes on. And I'm not even joking. This woman interrupted me typing my blog, to talk about Gerald Levert and how broken up she was about it. But anyway..

I'm all over the place this morning, so I'll cut this blog entry short.

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Jo said...

You are too much of a hopeless romatic - you are the type that likes to dream about romance and are so messed up by your dreams that you get confused when the dream doesn't pan out in reality. I will pray for you. As for Gerald - he actually died on Friday. Had your co-workers been at work long enough . . . instead of trying to make it to happy hour, they would have stopped by to talk about it then. Glad you had a good weekend. Nothing like a wedding to either cheer you up real good or make you really depressed. ;o) - jo