Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Before I talk about my weekend with my son, I need to get a couple of things off my chest. Number one, I won one of my 4 fantasy football leagues, and its a damn shame how happy that made me. For a person who loves sports, this is monumental, and I plan on talking plenty of trash about this for at least 2 weeks. Number two, I must be getting a bit more mature. Yesterday, while watching the Miami Heat vs the Los Angeles Lakers, I saw Dwayne Wade's wife being interviewed. This was her outfit. Now I can appreciate a fine set of breasts in a pushup bra as much as the next man(maybe more), but is that appropriate for a Christmas day broadcast? Once she started talking, the ABC cameraman zoomed in so close, that her fantastic breasts were no longer visible. The first thing I did is text my brother..the second thing I did is wish I had HDTV, and the last thing I did is come up with the mature thought, that maybe she should put those things away.

My weekend with young Carlton was absolutely fun. I got lucky, and I was able to send half of Christmas day with him, so that definitely made me smile. He woke me up at 6:45am, to ask me where the presents were, and if we could open them. Part of me wanted to say, how do you know you're getting presents, but I didn't do that. He opened his gifts, I took pictures, we ate breakfast, watch DVDs, and then I took him home to his mother. After I dropped him off, I sat in the car and tried hard not to cry. It simply isn't natural for me to drop off and leave my son, especially when I suspect he's not in an ideal environment. But I focused on the good times and let that get me through. Whenever I drop him off, it puts me in a bit of a somber mood, and that mood cost me numerous Christmas day meals. A couple people invited me over for dinner, but simply wasn't up to it. So I went home and had a baked potato and peas for my Christmas dinner..quite tasty I must add. The weekend breakdown:

-We visited the barbershop, so that young Carlton could get a fresh haircut. I think I was happier about this than he was

-We went to Borders bookstore to pick out my dad's gift. My son helped me look up some books by going to the computer, and navigating the search function. Very impressive..to me at least

-We went to visit my dad, and that was very rewarding and very fun. My dad got young Carlton a Reggie Bush jersey, and then the three of us went out to talk and throw the football around. Not to be overly sappy, but that is one of the moments I always wanted to happen once I had a son. Yet another emotional moment for me. I think my son may be a football player, which I really don't want. I'd much rather he stick to golf. Less contact, more money

-We went to see A Night At The Museum, which is a hilarious movie. Most of the jokes are for the kids, but there are some adult jokes slipped in there too, which is usually how most kiddie movies are.

-Carlton again wakes me up at 7am. I thought kids liked to sleep in, but clearly I was wrong. I think I got 10 hours of sleep in 4 days.

-We go see The Pursuit of Happyness. Carlton patiently sat through this movie, he asked me a few questions, but for the most part he enjoyed it. I held it together until the last scene in the movie(I won't give it away), and then I just started crying. I tried to hold it back, but it really didn't help. I explained to Carlton why I was crying, and of course he asked me to stop, which made it worse. We walked around downtown DC a bit, and talked about the good and bad parts of the movie. I'm definitely glad I took the boy to go see it. It reminded me of when I was 9, and my father took me to go see, A Soldier's Story. That movie scared the hell out of me, but my father and I talked about it afterwards and I felt much better.

-We went back over my dad's to watch football, but it turned into a contest between my dad and I to see who could stay awake. we were BOTH tired, and of course Carlton just ran rampant around his basement.

Billy Joel. Just The Way You Are

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Jo said...

OhMYGosh! Wasn't "A Night At the Museum" HILARIOUS! I was dying the entire movie. I thought it was going to be scary like "Monster House" - don't take your kids to see that. It scared the crap out of me. But this movie was absolutely HILARIOUS. I couldn't stop laughing. Not to mention the fact that I went to see it with a 2.5 year old, a 5 year old, a 9 year old - all of who stayed awake and actually sat the entire time, and their mother! That in and of itself make the movie a perfect kid and YES adult movie. Okay now, enough of the movie plug . . .

Glad you made some of those memories you wanted to make even as a young man. You sure are getting sentimental in your old age. Sounds like you had an overall good holiday this year.

As for those titties! I saw her on the tube, too. But I had NO IDEA what she was wearing. I was wondering why all they kept showing of her was her mug. Oh well, guess now I know. You are right, the shirt was not appropriate at any time when you are the WIFE of a star or any other professional ball player - RIDICULOUS!