Thursday, December 07, 2006

First, to the anonymous person who commented that the song I posted two days ago, was on the Glitter soundtrack, thank you for clearing up the mystery. However my investigative fervor has died down, and I will not be renting Glitter..unless they have some unreleased footage of Mariah Carey showering, in which case I have another item for my Christmas list.

I have been advised by my attorney not to write too much about my son and his mother on this blog, because there could possibly be legal ramifications later, and it could possibly be used against me. But there was a frustrating development last night, and it is killing me that I cannot vent via the written word like I have grown so accustomed to doing. I was in a great mood until I got this phone call, and then it just about ruined my evening. I was able to go to bed with some peace of mind, but up until then my thoughts ranged from rage to OJ-style kiling to sadness, and then to anger. I also forgot about a commitment I had to a friend of mine(Sorry Dana), and I just cannot let those types of calls/situations cripple me like that. Easier said than done though.

There was this dude on the train this morning, who looked exacly like Keith David. I know that guy on the train must have thought I had the gay or something, but for a second I thought it really was him. Keith David is one of my favorite mean mf actors. Need a working definition of mean mfs? They are the actors who have an uncanny knack for being mean motherfuckers who take no mess, have a scowl, and make you root for the bad guy. So this got me to thinking, who my other favorite mean mfs. Allow me:

Clifton Powell: Recently he has been playing nice guys (most recently in Ray) but in the mid 90s he had the bad mf role down pat. He played it to perfection in Menace II Society and Dead Presidents.

Gene Hackman: Two words: Crimson Tide

Joe Pesci: Joe Pesci is deceptively mean, because he's so funny in his movies, that you almost forget that he always is a threat to shoot you, and then go on about his business in an unassuming fashion. He's a personal favorite of mine, because in Casino, in the middle of a conversation with Sharon Stone's character, he just gently pushed her head down to his crotch, so that she could administer some oral pleasure to him. I've never had the pleasure of doing that, but I aspire to thank to Mr. Pesci.

And finally, Darth Vader: Mr Vader has the unusual talent of never changing his facial expression which is very rare, and that is a talent that only the Burger King mascot has been able to match. But back to Vader..he can choke people by raising his hand, he has the voice of James Earl Jones, and he's all black, which can never hurt in the intimidation game. Vader reigns supreme on this list.

And yes my thoughts are all over the place today.


Anonymous said...

dammit why did i click on the king!!!

Aisha said...

Jack Nicholson...very good villian. Well he's not always a villian but he plays a good asshole.

Dana-Marie said...

I still think Clifton's best role to date was Pinky. Hands down.

Dana-Marie said...

I still think Clifton's best role to date was Pinky. Hands down.

Dana-Marie said...

I still think Clifton's best role to date was Pinky. Hands down.

Jo said...

You are one SICK man!