Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I had yet another socially awkward moment this morning. The kind I thought I would be finished with considering I'm into my thirties now. I saw a friend of mine on the train during my late trek to work. We don't really have a lot of interactions face to face, but we do know each other, and we read each other's blogs, occasionally trade emails, etc. I saw her, we said hello, she mentioned it was her birthday, I gave her birthday wishes, and then I said some dumbshit about not seeing in her work clothes before and good she looked. And right after I said it, I was like man what the hell am I saying. I wasn't trying to hit on her, and she did look good and professional, but damn was that the only thing I could conjure up? Had my trusty keyboard been within arm's reach, I certainly would have come up with something better, but unfortunately for me, and everyone who comes in contact with me in such a circumstance, talking face to face with keyboards is not an action that is socially acceptable. Not yet anyway. But man when that moment comes, I will dazzle folks with most impressive 5 minutes of small talk they've ever experienced in their life. Until then, I'm left with awkward moments like today. So if you're reading this Ms. Dcadventures, happy birthday to you, and sorry for the weird comment. If you didn't think it was weird, then this whole paragraph has been an exercise in futility.

So Carmelo Anthony received a 15 game suspension for fighting yesterday, and it was definitely justified considering the punch he threw, and considering that the commissioner David Stern is taking a hardline stance to be sure there aren't anymore incidents like the one that happened two years ago in Detroit.. And even though players cannot control their emotions all the time, there is a certain point where you need a certain level of restraint, especially when you know the penalties will be stiff. I know lots of sports writers and other folks are prematurely throwing the word racism around(once again), and it is bullshit. There are penalties for fighting, and the players know that. Now lots of the fans and some sportswriters are calling the type of behavior that they saw on the court thuggish, and they are saying this is what happens when you let "street" individuals into the NBA, and that's bull. EVERY contact sport has fighting, its part of being competitive, and everyone knows that. The racist element lies in how these athletes are viewed, not how they are punished when they mess up. That's my take at least, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

I have officially changed my mind about throwing a birthday party. It is something that sounded good on paper, but now that I think about all of the red tape I have to go through, it simply isn't worth it. If I had a surprise party, I'd welcome that with open arms, but who wants to plan their own birthday party, and then have to deal with headaches that come with it. I simply don't have enough patience. So the alternative? I'm going to find a spot in this wonderful city to hang out in, and then I'm going to tell folks where I'll be, and hopefully they will join me. If not, I am determine to have fun with whomever does show up.. My ex used to ask me why I made such a big deal out of birthday, especially considering I'm old enough to be used to them by now. The answer? That is my one day to be selfish. Father's day to me is really about seeing my son; Christmas is not my birthday, so I usuallly ask folks not to get me jack, because its not about gifts for me anymore. But my birthday is MY day, and if I feel like acting a fool, or acting a bit spoiled and selfish, then by golly I'm going to doing to that. At least until i'm 50, then i'm toning it down.

And now a selection from the Legendary Roots Crew: A Clock With No Hands.


Dana-Marie said...

50? Sheeeeit. That's when the REAL partying will commence!

I'm with you. My birthday is MY day, dammit. And I will do whatever the hell I please. I find that the only bah-humbuggers that have something wack to say about birthdays are those who had wack birthdays growing up and don't see the point in celebrating anymore.

I cry bull sh!t.

Celebrate your tail off. And once that's happened, celebrate some more. And if you dont' celebrate enough, hell I LOVE birthdays, and I shall celebrate for and with you, my friend. And that goes for anyone else who relishes in the eve and post of one's special day, one's celebration of LIFE.

Hell, raise your glass. This is to all of us who realize that we could've been one of the people NOT to make it to see another birthday, and therefore celebrate just waking the hell up each morning. Here, here!

Mslabelle said...

You're quite funny, and I can actually relate on most counts.
I fully embrace the power to create all kinds of illusions, through words, when I have at my disposal, a keyboard, which brings with it the options to phrase and rephrase my words to sound witty and more witty.

Walking around with a keyboard could be the next fashion statement, but I hope not.

Football - no comment.

Well hope you enjoy your birthday, however you choose to spend it.

Janelle said...

Wow! We are finally on the same page. I believe my birthday should be a national holiday, filled with parades and gifts in honor of ME!!! LOL

If you don't make a big deal about the day you entered this world then who will???

sixfive said...

I completely agree on the punishment being fair and criticism of the players as thuggish being racist.. good call.

Aisha said...

Well today is my day! I noticed you quickly walked away after your comment, lol. I do have a comment of my own, your beard is coming along well. Next time we can text message on the platform.

Jo said...

Man - I thought I was gonna be able to win a door prize! YOU SUCK! But, in some ways you never fail me Mr. Flake . . .I wouldn't expect any less of you! ;o) Let me know where the party is maybe I'll make it to the city. It's on the weekend, right?

As for B-ball . . .man you make me wanna follow it like I used to . . .

As for the comment - it really wasn't that wierd, so don't worry!

Mixmaster Faye said...

Aisha...NO! Tell me that the mythical beard is not real. *AND* you complemented it? Egads!