Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I still cannot believe the Philadelphia 76ers traded Allen Iverson. From a basketball standpoint, they had to do it, because it was clear the current mix of players they had were not at all going to jive with Iverson. Philly actually should have done this trade a few years ago, before their relationship went completely sour, because they would have gotten much better players than what they received. But still, for 10 years Iverson gave his all every night, often with virtually zero help. He brought Philly to the brink of a championship, he put butts in the stands, and most importantly, he gave us the infamous PRACTICE press conference. Philly is really going to miss him, much like they missed Charles Barkley after they traded him back in 1992, and much like they missed Wilt "Assman" Chamberlain back in 1968. The good news is that Iverson will now be able to play with Carmelo Anthony out in Denver, and that reason alone is enough for me buy an NBA package with DirecTV, so I can see all of their games.

And to those people who say that these athletes are overpaid and spoiled they should consider this. Allen Iverson's kids and familiy have lived in Philly for 10 years. They are in school, they play sports, and they have a stable lifestyle. Now, Allen has been traded away, which means his home will now be in Denver, and he has to decided whether to uproot his family or be a long distance dad/husband. I'm not even speculating as to whether Allen's been faithful to his wife, but the point here is that this trade now puts a strain on his family. Does he make enough money to adjust to this? Hell yes. But still, I can't imagine having to uproot my family that quickly. Even rich athletes have real problems to deal with regardless of their status. I sound like a rich athlete apologist now.

One issue I failed to address on Monday was yet another social faux pas I committed last Friday. In this very blog, back in the late summer, I mentioned this young lady who I was involved with that I was feeling a great deal. And like most women I've been involved with this year, she fell off, and yeah it was probably my fault, but that's old news. I saw her while I was out on Friday, and I didn't say jack to her..not hi, not how are you, I just gave her a head nod and kept it moving. In retrospect, that was probably the wrong thing to is common courtesy to speak to someone you know, especially when you've seen them naked. But clearly I'm not bound by the rules of common courtesy and maturity all the time..hahaha..and yes I'm really laughing. So why I am mentioning all of this? Because this book that I'm working on will have a chapter or two on all of my social indiscretions. In fact that might even be the title. This book WILL be completed by next year, and it is my goal to be on MSNBC with Keith Olbermann and Oprah. Only then, will I be a happy man.

I'll close with some Ghostface. The best rapper you've never listened to. Ghost is Back


Aisha said...

I read sexual instead of social indescretions. I'm sure you meant both, lol.

Jo said...

I was all over the Iverson story just yesterday . . .but THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for the press coverage of him talking about practice. I watched it not once, but twice and was OTFLMAO! It was HILARIOUS!

As for the inappropriate behavior on Friday with your lady friend, who you were indeed "feeling" as you put it, it must not have been all that inappropriate, since all you got back from her was a head nod, too. So, it doesn't sound to me like she sweatin' it all that much. If she was, she would have stepped to you. So, although you feel guilty, stop it! She is off making new memories with someone/s else as are you . . .