Friday, December 08, 2006

Reason #23 why education is so important. This morning I went into the Starbucks to buy a Gingerbread Latte once again. While I was standing there, I noticed a chalkboard with a holiday promotion on it. Instantly two words that were incorrectly spelled jumped out at me: "Chrismas" and "occation". I started to just let it slide, but then I noticed that most of the people behind the counter were black. So I thought it would be mighty black of me to inform the indviduals of the error that had been made, however my observation was met with much resistance. First the manager(a male) tried to tell me I was wrong, then when he realized that I was indeed right, he gave me a dirty look. Now I did feel bad, because he had to get down on his knees and change the sign in front of lots of people(mostly white). Nevertheless, I think a good deed was done, and I feel good about it. There's no place in the world for Starbucks signs with errors on it. Not at all.

Yesterday's blog about my top 5 villains was one of my favorite entries ever, and NO ONE..i mean NO ONE said a damn thing about it, which pissed me off. I get that kind of brilliance once maybe twice a year, and when it comes through me I feel good, and I want to share it with the world. Unfortunately, the world didn't take a shine to it. A damn shame indeed.

I have many more mindless offerings to share this morning, but quite frankly, my hands are too cold, and I'm a bit hung over from a wonderful session I had with some Jack Daniels last night. If you love me, you'll understand.


hadassah444 said...

hahaha, I can only imagine how you said it nevertheless youre right it was needed. I wouldnt go back for gingerbread latte tho...they may spike it!

oh yeah please start editing my replies :)

Aisha said...

I would have done the same thing as you. I would have pulled someone off to the side.

I wanted to comment on Clifton Powell but all I wanted to say that I was on a plane with him once but I culdn't remember his name to say hello.

Also this may never get posted because I can't really dicpher the word verification.

Jo said...

Like Hadash - will you edit my comments, too! ;o) I thought you were mean for correcting the sign . . .you ruin the fun for those of us who would be able to look at it and shake our heads. You aren't the only one who likes to edit and critique others' work, you know. Next time just look, don't correct! Unless it's my comment you are editing - I don't want to look DUMB! ;o)