Friday, December 22, 2006

So I picked up my son today, and let me tell you there is no better feeling in the world then seeing my son after a long or brief hiatus. None. His mother must have boycotted the the barber, because he was rocking the Don King, but I'll take care of that tomorrow at the barber shop. My son did the typical move he always does, when he tries to act like he doesn't know who I am, until I run up and hug him and that was cool. I treated his mother and his other brother to sum Starbucks coffee and pastry, and I briefly caught up with all of them. I really don't like to do that, but its important that Carlton see his mother and I on good terms, so he doesn't think he has to act a certain way towards either one of us. Once that was over, it was just he and I in the car.

We talked about race first..I explained what "black" was what "white" was, and I also sprinkled in a little "latino". I also joked with him and called him a "referee", since his both black and white, and he got a kick out of that. Next, we moved and discussed his love life, and he mentioned that he had a girlfriend, but she left him for another dude. At this point, I realized that my son was adopted, because no offspring of mine would get left by a woman..but anyway, he said it didn't matter, because he knew another woman would like him..which was more like it. After that we discussed sports, music, and most importantly, the beatings his daddy used to get when he was a baby. It was good times, and hell yes I am happy as hell. I am supposed to be at my company xmas party right now, but the traffic and the drive had me way too tired. But I wanted to write this blog, because words cannot even properly explain how good I feel and how happy I am..although two paragraphs worth just did.

As I am writing this, my mother is making my son go from door to door with her, as she hands out carrot cakes. Thank god I stayed behind.


Shaun said...

Rashad, he is so cute. He is definately going to be a heartbreaker. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jo said...

You ARE TOO funny! You had me laughing with joy at this one! I am glad you had a good time with Carlton. As for the cakes, yeah . . .thank GOD you stayed behind! - jo

Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWWW! i tried not to type that but damn. you're doing a swell job. i'm late but still, young carlton is going to appreciate your explanations and talks.

good times all around!