Thursday, December 21, 2006

So tomorrow I drive down to Hampton to pick up my son for the weekend. I don't get him on xmas day, but I'm not going to complain, because I can still attempt to make this upcoming weekend as fun as xmas day can be. And like I do every time I see him, I'm trying to make this weekend chock full of fun. I am aiming on getting tickets to a Georgetown basketball game on Saturday, he will see his grandmother on Friday, and his grandfather on Saturday, we will sit down and discuss life, and I'm quite sure at some we will sit down and watch a football game or two. But, the event that has me the most torn is the decision on whether to go see the Pursuit of Happyness. My boy Cliff called me last night, and told me he saw the movie, and he felt like it may be a bit too heavy for a nine year old to digest. I talked to my father last night, and he felt like above and beyond everything else, that the movie was a father/son movie, and I needed to talk to my son and then discuss it with him both before and after. I tend to agree with my father, but the flip side of me doesn't want to shake my son up too much. We have limited time together as it is right now, so something like this may be too much. But I am honestly leaning towards taking him to go see it, and if nothing else he'll talk to me about what he felt, which important to me. Carlton isn't really all that expressive(surprise, surprise), but when he does feel strongly about something he just talks and talks. We'll see how it goes.

So yesterday I mentioned that I didn't speak to a woman I used to talk to when I saw her out..well yesterday, when I got home from work, I got a text message from this same woman(coincidence? I think not), and she told me that I was wrong for not speaking, and she felt embarassed, and she told me that she did smile and say hello to me. At this point, I felt a little guilty, and I told her when and if I saw her again, I would say hello. That was the mature and correct thing to do, but I swear the bad side of me wanted to say, "Hell no I didn't speak to your dumb ass". But again, that is just wrong, and I'm on the brink of 32 years old..i have to at least feign maturity every now and then. But her sending me that text the very day I mentioned her in this blog, again has me wondering who all reads this blog. I wish I had a better tracking devise just to see who reads, since the majority of the folks who DO read just refuse to comment.

I need someone to send me a list of the top 10 drinks that can be successfully mixed with egg nog. I know rum goes well, but I"m looking to expand my horizons a bit.

Since it is the Christmas season, I thought I'd post a Christmas song. Enjoy!


Aisha said...

Brandy goes well with egg nog but who drinks Brandy these days?

Anonymous said...

hennesey priviledge.

i have't responded in many posts but this one i've heard from a reliable source;)


Jo said...

So you allowed yourself to be guilted . . .I stand by what I said, if she wanted to speak with you she would have done more than just say hello, she would have come by to talk to you.

As for the movie, go for it . . .from what you have told me, he needs to be able to have that father son converstation with you (if not you, then who is he gonna get it from). It is also good that the kid kinda looks like him. You know that whole identify thing is good.

Hearing your blog I know how the full-time parents must feel, but I can also see it from the part time parents vantage now. You only have a few days. Those few days have to be fun. But the other parent is like . . .why do I have to be the militant one. In your case that doesn't quite fit because of the circumstances, but you get where I am coming from.

Well, Happy Holidays and enjoy the hennesey and eggnog. I love henny, so I will try "anonymous'" recipe. I will stock it at the house, too. Hint-Hint! Sounds like it will warm the SOUL!

Jo said...


Erotic City! IS NOT a Christmas song!!!

You are reminding me of "Little Miss Sunshine" when she busts out with "Super Freak." NOT acceptable! NOT at all!