Friday, December 01, 2006

Today is the first day of December, and I realized that have been blogging for 4 months and some change, and goddammit that's a milestone..for me at least. I used to keep a journal before this blogging idea was all the rave. I'd write consistently for about a week, and then I wouldn't touch it for another 3 or 4 months. Then I'd rediscover the journal, and wonder why I stopped in the first place. That hasn't been the case with this blog at all. I have actually been pretty damn consistent, and about as open as I can be. I still have about 15-20% of my life that I keep off of here for various reasons, and I think that's pretty damn good. And if you're thinking to yourself, damn he's patting himself on the back right now, then you're absolutely right.

Yesterday, while I was watching your president and mine, George W. Bush unsucessfully navigate yet another press conference, I really starting thinking to myself: I am smarter than this dude. Knowing that you are smarter than your president is the equivalent of knowing Santa doesn't exist, or finding our your adopted, or finding out that new lady you're feeling is really a man with genitals bigger than yours. My point? It's kind of disappointing. Whenever Clinton or even the original George Bush would speak, I got the feeling that I was listening to minds that were much sharper than mine. Listening to this president talk makes me feel like, damn I can be president, when in reality, I cannot. I would absolutely LOVE to sit down with him for about an hour, and just interview him on a variety topics. The first time he tried to come at me with that mumbo jumbo he gives the press everyday, I'd stop him, look him dead in the eye, and say, "what the fuck are you talking about man". Of course then I'd be whisked away and eventually Dick Cheney would shoot me to death, but at least I would have gotten a chance to say, what everyone else is thinking on a nightly basis when viewing our president.

And let me just say that presidents are always easy target to criticize, because of their job. So I am not just talking jive about GW because its trendy, or because I think he's doing a bad job. Every president has good and bad things about their tenure, I can live with that. But every president is NOT this stupid. Therein lies my beef. This paragraph is a disclaimer just in case big brother is indeed watching me.

Also on the news last night, I saw a story about employers who search the internet trying to find dirt on potential job candidates. There are actually people in human resources departments around this fine country, who look for myspace accounts, blogs, facebook and random pictures to hold against you, and to prevent you from being hired. Because of this phenomenon, there is now a business that you can pay to magically delete any shady things that may appear on the internet. Of course all of this has me a bit scared, because if someone read this blog, they would think that I am crazy, and not just because of the URL. It's already bad enough that people I've dated in the past, read this blog, and then say, well what did you mean by that Rashad..but imagine an employer calling me in and saying, "Rashad, I noticed in this blog entry, you went into great detail about going down on a woman. Please explain this. I don't know how I'd play that off. So after I submit this particular entry, I need to figure out how to make this blog a bit more discreet.

Since it is rainy, and a bit depressing out today, I will end with this song by Marvin Gaye entitled: Anna's Song. This song is off the Here, My Dear cd that Marvin did back in '76. To make a long story short, he divorced his wife, and was then ordered to give half the proceeds from his next album to his ex-wife. Marvin started to record a half-ass album, but instead he made an emotional cd entitled Here, My Dear, dedicated to his ex. When it came out, it really didn't sell that well, but as with everything, this cd's legend has grown with time. For anyone who has every gone thru a breakup, this cd is perfect to listen to. My boy Kevin actually put me on to this song though..good looking out black.


Anonymous said...

i particularly love how G DUB speaks so unapologetically. like fuck it, yeah i said it. AND WHAT???

just based on his public speaking alone, i think you could be president too.

hadassah444 said...

Rashad you miss her dont you....

Jo said...

Don't censor your blog - that would kill it. And how come it takes some TV show to make you worry about HR checking up on you? When I sent you that news story you were like, "no big deal." But now that it's all over some blasted TV show you are like, "oh no, they are out to get me." Do you not trust my reliability?

And no, you're right, you couldn't be president . . .not because you're stupid, it's because you're black. But, on that note, Hilary can't be president either, so who are these idiots that think she can. And it's not because she's stupid, it's because she's a woman.