Wednesday, January 31, 2007

After a significant hiatus, my temper made a guest appearance during last night's conversation with my ladyfriend. When you're dealing with someone long distance, the margin for error is already small. There isn't a lot of time for wasted conversation, for missed phone calls, and there damn sure isn't time for arguments that last longer than they really need to. We both have stress in our lives, but I think she is a bit better at reeling those things in than I am. That being said, I let an argument go on WAY too long last night, and even though I apologized before I got off the phone last night, I'm sure the effects of that will last a couple more days, which I absolutely hate. For the most part recently I have done a good job of suppressing those emotions that would cause problems, but I lost it last night. And when that happens, it feels like I have never truly had a hold of my its back to the drawing board. This paragraph feels like more of a personal journal, than it does a traditional blog entry. Oh well.

So tomorrow morning at this time, I will be sitting in court, trying to figure out the fate of my custody request. At the very least, if I don't get my request for cusotdy granted, I hope that I can negotiate an arrangement, where I can get my son for the entire summer from now until he leaves for college. I know this court experience is necessary, and this will allow me to make some headway that I haven't been able to make over the past few years. But the court experience in general is just a pain in the ass. I have to drive down to Hampton early in the morning, and then I very well may have to sit in court all morning and part of the afternoon, and then once my case is actually heard, it may take all of 30 minutes to resolve. But by that time, I will have been in that building for 4 to 5 hours, around god knows who. Actually, to pass the time, I think I'm going to keep a running log of my activities from the time I step into the court room, until I leave the city of Hampton. That should be interesting.

I can't say I have too much more to say this morning. I have lots on my mind related to the first two paragraphs i've already typed. So to compensate, i'll leave two songs. The original and then the current song using the original as a sample.

Sonny Lester - Green Dolphin

A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got)


hadassah444 said...

you should seek counseling Rashad.
beside it would make for more interesting things to blog about...
and good luck tomorrow

Jo said...

The reason why you are stressed is the court thing tomorrow. So, it's probably best to keep it light with the ladyfriend around stressful times like that. You shouldn't have deep conversations. They will just head for disaster.

As for tomorrow. Good luck. I will send you lots of positive energy.

Bashful said...

Good luck tomorrow Rashad.