Tuesday, January 30, 2007

All of this talk about Isiah Washington, and his use of a gay slur has me thinking back to a speech I gave for my public speaking class back in the 10th grade, which was in 1989. It was a persuasive speech, and my job was to convince the 10th grade minds I was speaking to, that Wheaties was a better cereal than Rice Krispies. I pointed out that Wheaties was "quiet", while Rice Krispies had that snap, crackle and pop. I pointed out that Wheaties was high in iron, which was healthy, and Rice Krispies had more sugar. And finally I pointed out that Wheaties had numerous male and female famous athletes, while Rice Krispies only had three "faggots" in hats. Now keep in mind this was 1989, before the whole gay revolution really took off, and way before it was considered inappropriate to say such a thing. The whole class, including the teacher, laughed out loud, and I got a B on the speech(my eye contact was subpar). But during her comments, my teacher did say that I was smart enough to come up with a synonym for "faggots", but at the time I really wasn't. If I said that in today's environment? At least 3 people in the class would feel like I stepped on their toes, I would be suspended, and I'm quite sure Rosie O'Donnell would come after my parents with furious vengeance. Times have changed just that quickly.

Staying on the subject of public speaking, I can't stand it at all. Although it may not outwardly show, I am extremely shy. I can mask it with self deprecating humor and quick wit, but ultimately I am shy. It is why I don't like small talk; it is why when I see folks I know in public, I avoid them at times; it is why when I see a woman I'm interested in, I don't speak to her right away; and it is ALSO why yesterday when I went to my old job, I didn't speak to everyone(sorry guys). I'm just not always comfortable holding court in front of a group of people. This makes no sense, because I've taught high school before, and I had no problems at all. But that's because I was teaching children, and they never intimidated me, because they needed knowledge from me. And during my last job, I had to speak at conferences and in front of groups, and I'd be dying of nervousness right up until I had to speak, and then I crack some jokes, and relax. But in that instance, I was getting paid to do that. If no money is at stake, and I'm not speaking in front of minors, that nervousness comes back, and I shut down. I was told I would grow out of it, but that sure as hell hasn't happened thus far. Plus, no one EVER believes me when I say I'm a bit shy. Thank god for the blog though..I feel like a star behind this computer screen.

You gotta love this article about Serena Williams. She took much criticism about being overweight, despite winning the Australian Open, and she addressed her critics in that article. My favorite quote, "I'm always going to have these knockers, and I'm always going to have this ass" All of this just increases my crush on her, despite the constant criticism I take from some of my male and female friends. Plus, most women in tennis are a step away from Kate Moss anyway, so Serena and her body will always stick out. You're alright by me Serena!!! And yes I went overboard with the pictures.

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Jo said...

I think it's good that people are forced to be more PC, but the fact that the anti-gay folks are now using Mr. Washington as a speaker is ludicous. That's idiotic, and it doesn't make any sense.

As for serena's ass, I got this warning when I tried to go to the picture: "You don't have permission to access /images/photos/serena_williams_99.jpg on this server." That photo must be X rated. What permissions do you have? And here I was thinking you worked for DOJ . . .what's that all about?

nekia said...

Clearly Mr. Washington was talking about kindling sadly enough the heterosexually deficient thought he was being disrespectful.

asabi said...

i think serena is pretty hot too!