Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So last night, I attempted to center my entire evening around a college basketball game. Maryland and Virginia squared off on UVa's campus, and I must say I was actually excited about watching it on television. The first part of the basketball season, most major college teams beat up on substandard teams in an effort to get their confidence up. Once January comes around, teams are playing other teams within their conference, and the real competition begins. Plus, every year, I participate in March Madness, and in an effort to be informed, I have to catch some games. The problem is, that Maryland/Virginia game could not keep my attention. 1) The announcers were just terrible. There was way too much talking going on, and since I am a sports "head" I really don't need too much commentary. In fact, I frequently watch sporting events with the mute button on, while listening to music. 2) I don't know who the players are anymore. So many kids leave early for the NBA, that I can't establish a bond with the players. I remember when I was young, I would get college bball magazines, and I was able to follow players from their senior year of high school right up until their last year of college, and I established "ties" with the players. Now players appear and are gone just as quickly. As a result, I could not keep my attention on this game. I got on the phone, I read the paper, and eventually, I got in the bed and went to sleep, because the game made me tired. I'm still a sports enthusiast and all, but damn..I need more excitement.

Speaking of sports, I do this thing, where I gamble against my team, most recently the Philadelphia Eagles. Why do I do this? Because if my team wins, I may lose money, but I get the satisfaction of seeing my team play another day, and there's no harm done. But if my teams loses and I've bet against them, at least I have been financially compensated for my pain. I have also turned sex down to watch a sporting event. When my son was younger, and I used to take him back to his mother a day early, so I could watch sports without babysitting. I've also gone out to bars, and ignored women around me, because I was so focused on watching and studying a specific game. That's a sad state affairs, but welcome to the twisted mind of a sports fan.

My mother came up to my job yesterday to give me my early birthday gift(January 20th if you didn't know), and while we were sitting in the car, the homeless man, who I frequently mention in my blog walked by. Now my mother doesn't read the blog(for obvious reasons), so I had to give her a quick summary of my "relationship" with the homeless man, including my desire to interview him. I struck it as a bit odd that here I am in my mother's warm car, describing my desire to interview a man who is trudging along in the bitter cold, trying to be warm...I bet the last thing on his mind is an interview from a man who can't even accept sex over sports. Anyway, a homeless woman walked by the car, and my mother asked me why I didn't interview her. Almost on cue, this woman started yelling out something that I did not understand, and I looked at my mother and said see, you can't just pick a homeless person out all willy nilly. It takes much preparation and scouting. Anyway, I'm interviewing this guy next week I have decided. I'll think of a plan this week, schedule it with him next, and get this done. And I know I'm semi-joking around about his situation here, but I'm serious about this.

And yeah i woke up at 4am again this morning, but this time I was lucky. Not only was I able to hear my neighbors having noisy sex, but I also was able to hear an ambulance down the street from my house for some reason. Good times indeed.

Rain Dance by Jeff Lorber.


hadassah444 said...

you really need to find a job in sports Rashad...

I'm nosy, so what did she get you?

Im telling you Rashad, its something about that homeless guy. Its like fate. I cant wait to hear the outcome of this interview...make it good!

Jo said...

LOL! You keep it comin' on . . .glad you are already receiving the gifts . . .but in case I forget, 'since I'm bad at these things, Happy Birthday in ADVANCE!