Monday, January 29, 2007

There was a substantial delay on the train this morning, which caused there to be a crowd around my seat. Usually I leave the house too early to encounter a real crowd, but the delay messed all of that up for me today. So while I'm sitting down, about 10 people crowd around my little seat, and two of the people standing where I was sitting, were women. One woman weighed about 478 lbs, and the other looked to be about 24, and she was normal sized. My usual rule is that I give my seat up to the elderly women, the handicapped, and overweight women. But it was so crowded, that I didn't really have room to get up, so I kept sitting down. This decision brought much consternation to these two women, who started talking shit about me right in my face(I had my headphones on, so I guess they thought I couldn't hear, little did they know I turned off my IPOD, once I realized what was going on). They were saying how there used to be a time when my were gentlemen, and that I was a little kid who didn't know any better. Surprisingly, I kept my mouth shut while this slander was going on, because I knew my stop was coming. Once my stop came, I got up, and before the 478 lb woman could knock me down, I took my headphones off, pointed at the seat, and said how's that for being a gentleman, and then I headed off the train. It really isn't my fault you weigh 589 lbs, and standing up may be just the exercise your fat ass needs. Second of all, if its crowded, I am not getting up, since the chances are there are MANY people who would like to sit down, but cannot. Perhaps this was wrong, but I stand defiant in my stance.

I had quite an interesting weekend. I hung out with my friend Faye and her friend from Jersey, I hung out with family, I blew the same fuse twice in my apartment, I made a brief two minute appearance at a concert, and I stood up a friend of mine that I had made a prior commitment to(I am sorry Dana, an apology forthcometh). But the centerpiece of my weekend, was the 6 hours or so I spent at my mother's house for her birthday. I really wasn't looking forward to spending time with family, but I ended up staying much longer than I thought I would. My uncles were there, my cousins, my grandmother, etc, and it was a fun time. I've also realized that my mother needs a man in the worst way, and if I were her daughter, I"d be all over that. But since the thought of another man touching, let alone doing other stuff to my mother thoroughly disgusts me, I may have to consult my mother's girlfriends to get on their job. My mother, although very successful in her profession, is twice divorced, and VERY lonely, as anyone in their mid50s would be. It makes me very sad when I really think about it, but I know from talking to my father and others, that it is hard dating at age 50 and beyond. Not only are you set in your ways, but the places you can actually meet someone start to get smaller and smaller. I need to come up with a way to help out.

My office is right by the microwave, and as a result, everyone feels the need to bless me with small talk about their bullshit weekend, while I'm trying to type my blog, or just do my work in general. It is VERY annoying, and insulting on some level, since most people here don't talk to me any other time. I realize that I am coming off as cranky in my blog this morning, and I wish I could stop it, but I can't. I got 2 hours of sleep, it feels like Anchorage, Alaska outside, and I feel a cold coming on..oh and I wouldn't mind about 3 and a half hours of sex and massages(thats a cry for help rosslyn).

Thursday is my custody hearing date, and I'm getting nervous..I should type more about this, but its not in me right now. Perhaps later..

Bilal - Better With Time


Bashful said...

LMAO!@ The fat woman... you are so wrong yet so funny.

tia said...


hadassah444 said...

damn, I cant believe you didnt give up the seat...

How come youre always hanging out with women, Rashad?

Jo said...

Your hearing will go fine and they will award you full custody of your son. They would be bonkers NOT to!

As for the microwave, that's too bad. What I really, really wanna know, though, is who are the idiots that think it's okay to eat left over seafood and tuna in the office. It smells twice as bad the next day and EVERYONE has to smell it. I honestly thought there was an unspoken rule against heating up seafood in the office microwave or opening up a can of tuna. Don't people know that? It's like burning a bag of popcorn in the office microwave. For God's sake, it's a BIG FAT no-no! Anyway, enough of the ranting . . .two of my co-workers have been bringing in left over seafood for what seems like the last two weeks and I am like what the F%*&? Don't they know we all have to work here?

As for the train ride over, I think the ladies just didn't realize, but they were certainly on the money - you are "a little kid who [doesn't] know any better!" LOL!

Jo said...

PS. Nice song maks you feel like having sex!