Friday, January 12, 2007

This is a picture of my brother and I getting ready to go a soccer game back in 1984. I was 9, my brother was 6, and you couldn't tell us that we weren't the shit. I was a star on my soccer team, and my brother was an up and comer on his team. Why do I mention this? Because yesterday, before I left work, I noticed that Mr. David Beckham, formerly of the Real Madrid soccer team in Europe, had signed a 5 year, 250 million dollar contract, to play soccer for the LA Galaxy here in the states. People in the know, understand that Beckham is in downside of his career, and his signing is more of an attempt by Major League Soccer to inject some life into the American soccer scene. And it will work eventually. But still 250 million dollars for 5 years? Instantly I thought back to my soccer heyday, and then I thought about this picture, and what could have been. I could have been the black David Beckham(aka Pele). Now I see why parents push their kids to become athletes, and young Carlton, if you're reading this be afraid..very afraid. I'm taking my parenting skills to a fantatic type level if that what it takes for you to bring me..i mean us, 250 mill.

The war of words going on in my comments section yesterday was pretty damn a degree. Jo asked me not publish her initial rebuttal, and I should have listened, because the back and forth was a bit extra to say the least. People will have opinions, and for the most part I don't delete those, because I'm curious about what folks have to say about what I write, that was part of the reason for creating this damn blog. But I guess I should draw the line, when people start talking to each other and not me directly. 1)I'll be goddamned if Jo and the fearless Anonymous poster steal the show from me like they're Jennifer Hudson, and I'm Beyonce(that's a borderline ghey reference i know). 2)The selfish part of me hates anonymous posters, because I have to rack my brain to figure out who the hell it is (although I think I know). But anyway, even as I type this I feel like this is petty; however, given the week I've already had, I should not be at all surprised. Oh, and as my old college professor used to tell me, if you're in the middle of a heated argument with someone, PLEASE make sure you spell all your words correctly. If you break out an "agreeance" or an "intropection" it takes away from the effectiveness just a bit.

This morning, I am going to apply for a job with the Washington City Paper. I read this morning that they are hiring staff writers, and they want both resumes and writing samples submitted. Usually I'd see something like that, and talk myself out of taking any action, because believe it or not, I am very self conscious about my writing. Its part of the reason I don't read my writing over, after submitting it. I can think my way out of writing just about anything, so its better for me to be impulsive with it. So this morning, I am assembling some writing samples to send in to the paper. I could conceivably keep my day job here at Dept. of Justice, and still write for the paper, which would absolutely be splendid(said in an Bri-tish accent). I read that paper every week, and I am always critical of it, so why not try and join and be part of the problem?? Plus, GQ never responded to my brilliant idea to add a monthly sports section to their publication. I need a new challenge.

This is the song that Mike Tyson used to come out to before his boxing matches. The beat is sinister, 2pac is spitting venom, and this also happens to be an excellent song to workout too.


hadassah444 said...

Great picture, look at that bootie tho, LOL

I curious, what type of writing would you submit to the newspaper? Your commentary on current events is excellent, I would really read your stuff!!!

minus the drama this is a nice piece Rashad!

stay focus and good luck with your future endeavors

Anonymous said...

for real son i think we alls in agreeance that those haters need to stop perpetratin and save the drama for dey MOMMA!!

p.s. you might want to keep at GQ - don't give up.

p.p.s. one

Jo said...

You had a big butt even back then! LOL! Very cute picture. Those old photos are the ones that make you remember what it is all about.

I will make sure NOT to steal the show EVER . . . and that's a promise.

Make sure you let me or someone else proof the writing samples you send to the post. And good luck . . . you are certainly qualified!

Bashful said...

Dag Rashad you were a thickums! LOL!