Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yes I am writing another entry on the same damn day. I think women intentionally put you thru some kind of a test when you mess up. It would be much easier if they just said, its ok that you messed up, just try harder the next time. But nooooo..they put you thru more stuff, than the Motor Vehicles association to make sure that 1)you know how bad you hurt them 2)you know that they are truly the ones in control and 3)you don't do it again. As a man, all I can do is sit here and take my medicine, because I was wrong. But damn man how long does this have to last? When do we get back to the joking, go back and forth stuff that happens 80% of the time?

In the past, when these periods lasted too long, i would flee and do something stupid and irreversible. Now I know how it feels to sit in something, and deal with it. It's a very adult feeling, but it ain't easy. Not at all. And this isn't even major, imagine when I really mess up or say something asinine

I wish more men read and responded to my blog, because i'm quite sure all I'll get is some bullshit gloria steinem sponsored responses..I need some male solidarity right now, and I mean that in an extremele heterosexual way

Reverend Al.


jack smith said...

I remember we had this conversation about two years ago and you said something very poynyant (poignant). You said that one thing a woman has a hard time with is when a man threatens to leave. Thats some true shit. I think its imperative to dangle commitment just like women dangle sex. Youve always had a thing for the lettuce (props to yellow man) and I think that prevents you from playing this card harder. It does work, women are genetically geared towards relationships as much as men want the tang. In a time where competiton is non existent when there is relentless oppurtunities for self gratification and when you look at your W2 and you see how hard you work and dont want to give it way, you had better let these women know that you will leave at the drop of a hat. Also, might I suggest....Date white its right.

Jo said...

Women in no way shape or form are as BAD as the DMV! 'Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

wouldya look at all this male solidarity?

hold onto god's unchanging hands rashad;)