Friday, February 02, 2007

As usual, for legal reasons, I cannot go into great detail about what happened yesterday. Although, at this point, it would actually help my case if my son's mother were reading this, because maybe then a fire would be lit under ass. She did not show up yesterday, because she was never summoned. She is purposely being elusive right now, and although it hurts me in the short-term, in the long term it simply strengthens my case. The wheels are in motion right now, and "we" are supposed to go back to court on May 3rd. That will be decision day. I'm not upset, I'm not pissed, I just now that any gratification I received will be delayed. My biggest weakness(well one of them anyway) is my patience, it is about to be put through a test of epic proportions. I'm up to it though. And now, as promised, a log of my trip to Hampton.

3:45am - I wake up about 15 minutes before my alarm goes off full of nervous energy. I listen to sports talk radio, and hear some dude talk about who is going to win the Super Bowl. These dudes know nothing. More on that later

4:30am - I get in the car, turn sports talk radio back on, and try to convince myself that I can stay awake for the next two and a half hours

4:30-7am - Much of the ride down was an absolute blur. The sports radio only lasted about 30 minutes, before the signal got weak, so I relied on my cds, but I really didn't want to hear them either. I do at one point though, remember switching four lanes, screaming out money ain't a thing.

7am- I arrive at the parking garage for the Hampton court system. At this point, I am very nervous, I am foaming at the mouth, my hands are shaking, and my genitals suddenly get smaller and closer to my body(i don't know why this happens, it just does). I can't call my ladyfriend, because it is 5am, where she is, and I can't call my mother, because she is downright annoying in this instances. so....

7:15am - I called my dad, and he calms me down. We talk about the Super Bowl, we joke about our court appearance in Hampton back in 1999, and he assures me that I will do just fine. I get off the phone feeling like I can beat Mike Tyson(which is not such a big thing these days, but still).

7:30am - I call the ladyfriend anyway to see if she's up..she's not. I turn my phone off, leave it in the car(per the court's rules) and head to the building.

7:45am - As usual, I am early, and I notice two other couples standing in front of the court building, since it doesn't open until 8. Everyone has their game face on, so there weren't a lot of good mornings passed around. It doesn't help that it feels like 23 degrees out there.

8am - The doors open, I am frisked, and I sit in the waiting area. I always wonder what kind of jackass would come up to the courthouse with a gun.

8:15am: This is domestic and juvenile court, so I walk by numerous teenage kids, who are scheduled to go on trial for numerous offenses, and it hurts my feelings. 90% of them are black, about 60% are men, and 100% of them are dressed inappropriately. No one in their life told them that if you're on trial for something you did, a good impression starts with a nice suit, a fresh cut, and a good attitude. I wanted to take each one of them outside and give them the pep talk, but I couldn't.

8:30am: Just as i suspect, Carlton's mother does not show...
8:31am: The woman next to me has very nice legs. I didn't mean to look, but she kept crossing and uncrossing them, presumably because nerves were getting to her. She had on black, fishnet stocking. Totally wrong for court, but I welcome diversion for me.

8:35 am: A woman who likes like she could be kin to Barbara Bush, calls me into the preliminary room, and I explain why only I am in court, and what my case is. She cuts off each one of my sentences, so that she can write them down in HER words not mine. At this point, I am tempted to put on my ignorant hat, and speak in undetectable slang just to fuck with her..but I behave

8:40am - I go back in the waiting room, and there is a bonafide argument jumping off. A woman, who is with her son who look to be about 30, is bitching and moaning about how unfair the mother, and the VA court system is in general. The other 20 people in the waiting room, just stay quiet hoping she'll shut up. After about 15 mintues, she looks at me hoping I'll cosign with her. I look at her, and tell her she's messing up the relaxed vibe, and that everyone has a sob story, and her's is annoying(i'm paraphrasing here). She tells me I'm disrespectful(ohhh, the irony), and I have a smart mouth, and we go back and forth for a bit. Curiously, I'm no longer nervous.

9am - The loud woman, we'll call her Alberta Sharpton, tries to go in the courtroom with her son, and is shut down by Barbara Bush who says only the parents are allowed. Alberta starts bitching again, but no one listens. She goes in the bathroom

9:10am - In my perverted mind, I start looking at all these mother/father combinations trying to picture them having sex. Despite the fact that they were all in court, at some point, it was all about the hot buck naked monkely love, and there was sex involved. This was oddly arousing.

9:45am - I am called in front of the judge. I tell the judge why I am there, what I ultimately want, and how I need his help. He is very friendly and helpful to me, although I can't help but wonder how friendly he'd be if he knew my son's mother was white. And no justice is not blind. Anyway, he gives me a number to call, and I walk out of there

10 am - I get in the car, talk to my ladyfriend, and head home. I stopped writing after that.

Actually, that kind of sucked. I wrote things down to keep myself from going crazy, but it definitely wasn't my best writing. I'll look back on this though, and cherish it though.

I started watching the movie Scoop last night, and although I still have about an hour left to watch, one thing is abundantly clear. Scarlett Johansson is someone I need to hunt down and get to sit on my lap. Absolutely beautiful.

My Super Bowl prediction? Indy 28 Chicago 17.

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LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

Ms. Johansen just has this vibe that is hard to miss. I don't know what it is.

Jo said...

You had me all confused with Alberta - was she or was she NOT the kids mother? If not, then who was she and more importantly why was she moaning and groaning.

As for your experience I wanted to cuss out everyone there when I was reading your play by play . . .I am starting to really believe I am a serious anti-the US legal system!

Good luck in May . . .I will be routing for you. I am just glad this episode is behind you!

Janelle said...

I would have loved to witness your exchange with Alberta!!!! Please tell me you told her to unhook her son from her left tit and let him fight his own damn battles!!!! LMAO

Oh and the fishnets were not for your enjoyment. I bet she wore them that morning thinking, "I hope these suckas work in my favor when I'm in front of the judge." LOL

Anonymous said...

i would pay good money to see you and miss alberta going at it. HAHAHAHA!

Jamal said...

That is crazy....The system is flawed.