Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The security guard in my building had an insane amount of cologne on this morning. It hit me as soon as I walked in the door, and it stayed with me until I made my way to the elevator. I guess since he is the initial contact person people see when they come in the building, it is vital that he smells like half the bottle. I'm don't subscribe to this school of thought, but I guess I can see where he's coming from. Women, not only at this job, but every job I've been to, always smell good. It could be some Bath and Body Works type stuff, it could be something from Victoria's secret, rum and cake, some perfume, or it could just be some hand lotion they happened to stumble upon. Whatever the source is, a woman's scent precedes her, then when she steps in the room, it fills the room up, and upon her departure, that smell sticks around for a good hour or so. A married or taken man could get in some serious trouble that way. Anyway, women smell good for them. I'm convinced that men put our cologne for women. We want women to get whiff of what it is we're sporting on that particular day, and if they happen to smell it and ask what it is, we wont' tell them, because they surely will go back and tell their man to buy it. Or better yet, they will buy the cologne and tell their man to put it on, leaving that man to wonder how the hell she came up with idea. I rarely wear cologne to work. But even when I do, no one ever notices matter how much I put on..

While we're talking about this issue, I have an admission. A few years back, after my ladyfriend and I split up, and I was missing her, I went out and purchased her old scent. It was Vanilla Warm Sugar from bath and body works, and I used to spray a little bit on my pillow because I missed her. This ranks high on the Creepy Scale I know, but one never knows what the pain of missing your lady will do. I would never do something like this now, but hey I did it. Of course once I met someone new, I hid the bottle, but every now and then I'd take a whiff. In my defense, as creepy as this sounds, it is better than me stealing her old drawers and smelling them. If I ever run for office, this paragraph will haunt me.

This morning's weather had that spring feel to it, which made me extremely happy. Although I could use two more snowstorms, I am definitely ready for the warmer weather. Spring time means baseball, baseball means my son will be playing, which means I have an excuse to travel to Tucson, Arizona(where he's now living) to see him play. I didn't get the chance to do this last year, but there's no way in hell I'm missing him play this year. I promised him that I won't be one of those fanatical dads who scream on the sidelines and thoroughly embarass their kids. I know I'll be nervous watching him play, but hopefully I'll be more proud than anything else. My father never was loud when I played basketball and ran track. We'd make eye contact before the game, and he would mouth the words, "come on", or he'd quietly clap his hands, and I'd know it was time to perform. And then during the game, I'd look up and he'd nod in approval or disapproval, but he was never loud. He even heard me curse for the first time during a game, and he let it slide, presumbably because it was in the heat of battle. He never said anything to me about it..that being said, if my 9 year old son curses, I will release a jihad on both he and his stepfather.

I need to get in the habit of not committing to things I know deep down I won't have the time to start, or the effort to see through. That should be have my New Year's resolution, but we're close enough to the Chinese New Year that I can claim that.

Maureen - Sade


Bashful said...

Rashad you are off the chain! LOL! That right there is a little obsessive and stalkerish.

Honestly, if I were to ask a man what he is wear that would be so I could go and buy it for me to wear and the kind of mens colonges I like would allow for me to get away with wearing it. No one would be none the

I am in the mood to spend money so I am going to hit that Rum and Cake. :)

hadassah444 said...

Rashad, why didnt you ask what cologne he was wearing, it would at least made him think about how much he had on....

Vanilla Warm Sugar...thats not creepy, if you ask me its love

tia said...

what a loser. i'm shaking my head at you. & maureen is one of my favoritest sade songs.

raydiance said...

ewww...some things you should keep to yourself. there's only one woman i've ever known you to be strung out over and you're with her now. that doesn't make it any less creepy. weirdo.

RedHotMama said...

i had a comment, but i think i'll blog it instead.
you are an inspiration, rashad.
don't hurt nobody this wknd.

Jo said...

No wonder yoy commented on the warm vanilla sugar in my bathroom.

And come to think of it, I don't think I ever have smelled your cologne.