Thursday, February 15, 2007

There have been times on this blog, when I joke that I may be a homophobic, and that probably really isn't true. I think I have been accused and mistaken of being gay more times than I care to admit, and it has me paranoid sometimes that I'm giving off some gay vibes. Ultimately I can only be me, and I can't control that, but it does linger in the back of my mind sometimes. Who wants to be ambiguous you know? Why do I bring this up? Because Mr. Tim Hardaway has raised the bar for homophobia by making these comments yesterday. He didn't even attempt to mask his feelings at all. He pulled a Rush Limbaugh(without the painkillers),and just said exactly what was on his mind. I admire his courage and all, but I do NOT admire the firestorm that's about to rain down on him in the next few days. I fully expect a "my words were taken out of context" type of apology in the next couple of days. I'm also sure that some of Tim's good friends who were gay without him knowing, will be making their feelings known very soon. Tim probably hates the idea of being gay, or maybe he hates how being around gay people secretly arouses him, or perhaps he's trying to distance himself from a gay NBA locker room tryst back in his rookie year, or it could be that the thought of gay sex bothers him. Whatever it is, I doubt very seriously that he hates gay people. It is only a matter of time before someone brings up the irony of a black man making these fact Rush Limbaugh or someone on Fox News may be thinking of that right now. That previous paragraph has been sponsored by Morehouse College.

So the reading the Playboy magazine on the train experiment did not work at all. I read the articles and looked at the pictures, while standing on the train during rush hour last night, and no one gave a damn. A couple of men and women raised their brows, and read over my shoulder, but nothing more than that happened. I guess people are desensitized to that type of thing now. Or maybe I need to try something a bit raunchier I don't know. I did however get funny looks this morning, when people noticed that I had on brown boots to go with my shirt, tie and black slacks. Men and women(presumably members of the fashion police) looked at my shoes, then back at me in horror, as the realized that I was clashing. There is snow and ice all over the nation's capital, and for me to attempt to walk in black dress shoes(with smooth that sounds ghey) is just not the move. So I put on boots, and put my dress shoes in my bag. But I did this to avoid falling on my ass, not as some kind of fashion statement. This distinguishes me from those jackass men who wear tennis shoes with their suits in the summer or spring, and then change to dress shoes upon arriving in their office. A grown man(Mr Rogers is the exception)should not be wearing tennis shoes during his walk into work. There are too many comfortable dress shoes out there. Women can do this, because they have to pull of balancing acts with some of their heels. Not men. These needs to be added to the man law list.

I think i broke all kind of length-of-paragraph rules today.

I shall conclude with a song by Ray-J. Now, in my defense, this song came out in 1996, and this was before Ray-J got all corny and started making sex tapes and showing his bird chest every chance he got. This is back when he was just trying to make a legitimate name for himself. So when you see that I have included a Ray-J song in my blog, don't dismiss it man. Give it a the music is nice.

Ray J - Let It Go


Hadassah444 said...

Tim shouldnt apologize. If he announced publicly that he hated child molestor,it would sit well with the people. Both are not natural, so whats the difference.

you never whose watching you or who you may run across in the future, and they'll remember you as the guy on the train reading playboy....
thats so gutter Rashad, lol

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

Actually, a couple of times I've had to defend your manhood. You don't give me gay vibes but apparently you give them off to other people (men in particular).

Jo said...

Boo Tim Hardaway - he is such an idiot . . . how UN PC.

My take is that he was molested as a child and has actualy confused pedophilia with homosexuality . . .

Why else would he hate gays?