Tuesday, February 06, 2007

To be honest, this is the type of weather, where I fully expect to see a homeless person dead on the street, and I'm not trying to be funny or morbid. It is just the reality this time of year, but even more so now when the windchill is easily below zero. It is bitterly cold out there, to the point where your hands freeze even if you take 10 seconds to take your gloves off to get your metro pass out. Luckily, I don't see many homeless folks outside this morning, and I hope that means they were able to find tempoarary refuge in a local shelter. I complained to myself about getting out of bed this morning, or how cold my floor was after I got out of the shower, but that's nothing compared to being in this weather all night and all day long. It's funny because for years I worked for HUD, specifically with a group that was designed to end chronic homelessness, and the entire time I worked for HUD I never saw a homeless person. That part of DC where I worked did not have homeless wandering around, and at the time I lived in Greenbelt, MD, which also did not have any VISIBLE homeless folks around. Now I work and live in the city, work for a different part of the government, and I see(and write about)them everyday. And I have no solution to end the problem, but I still vow to give them a voice via an article or something.

So I finally saw the movie, "The Last King of Scotland", and it was an above average movie. It wasn't as good as "The Departed", but it definitely made me think. Because I have not done a lot of reading on Idi Amin, I was basically a slave to what the movie was portraying about him. I know he was an evil man, but that's just too easy to portray. I would have liked to know a bit more about what drove him in the beginning, and I definitely would have liked to hear about the good things he did for the people of Uganda, if any. That being said, Forest Whitaker did a damn good job of portraying Amin, and he deserves all the awards he has and will get. When I got home from the movie, I saw the Inside the Actor's Studio with Eddie Murphy(Morton!!!!). Because Eddie looks increasingly gay these days, and most of his appearance come in kiddie movies, it is easy to forget that in the 80s and early 90s, Eddie was a dominant comedian and actor. As I watched James Lipton bring up his various movies, and the behind the scenes work that went with it, I forgot how big of a giant he was and still is. And during the interview, he didn't look gay at all(not that anything is wrong with that). I am now inspired to put his old movies on my Netflix queue.

The Washington City Paper has responded to my query/application for a job. They didn't reject me, but they didn't accept me either. I'm on hold, which I will still count as a victory. Pre-blog and about 5 years ago, i'd be devastated, and I would probably stop writing. I know better now. There are just too many outlets available for writers to get discouraged. And yes I'm talking to myself here.

Why do people record themselves having sex and then keep it? I did this way back in '95 with a friend of mine, but we never watched it more than once afterwards, and even then we didn't make it all the way through before we both got tired of it. The fun is in taping it, not watching, and definitely not leaking it to the media to make money off of it. I cram to understand that logic, yet everyday celebrity after celebrity "accidentally" leaks this to the press. I need help understanding this movement.

And continuing with the sex vibe here is Justify My Love - Madonna(Written by Lenny Kravitz, who also does background vocals). And for good measure, here is the video too.


Jo said...

Above average, that's it? The Depared better be dayum good, 'cause I thought Ida Amin was one of the best movies I have seen of the ones up for the Golden. Blood Diamonds was hella good, too.

And yeah, Eddie, like Michael and Prince is great. I might even lump Janet and LL in there, too. I guess Madonna, too.

Anyway, you are right about the self made movies . . . it's like taking nude pictures or having sex in public. It's the idea of getting caught that's fun . . .NOT the fact that if you got caught you would still think it was fun. God firbid you get caught . . .your whole experience would be ruined. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I watched Inside The Actor's Studio with Eddie Murphy as well and was very happy people were starting to show Eddie Murphy appreciation for his work. He is one of the greatest comedians of our time; it was hilarious and nostalgic watching the reruns of his career. In addition, "The Departed", (in my opinion) should win the Oscar this year for "Best Picture." I enjoyed it very much. As a tribute to Mr. Murphy, you should post the video clipping of "Saturday Night Live with Eddie Murphy" singing the famous rendition of "Kill The White People", which was one of my all time favorites. That song had me in stitches. lol Ultimately, good luck with The Washington City Paper!