Friday, March 02, 2007

Everyday It Rains - Mary J Blige

Want to hear some irony? About 6-12 inches away from where I hit my hand on my bedroom wall, is a framed copy of the Serenity prayer. Clearly I need to get that blown up even hasn't even been in my room for 2 weeks, so I'll cut myself some slack. Plus God must be smiling on me just a little bit, because I didnt actually hit the picture.

Continuing with the one hand theme, allow me to list some famous one hand/arm people. I enjoy typing lists in my one handed state, because they seem much easier to type than the superfluous paragraphs I sometime write. On to the list:

1)Ronny Cammareri - I dont know how many of my readers have seen the movie Moonstuck, but it was a love story starring Cher and Nick Cage. Nick Cage played Ronny Cammareri, an oven-tender at a bakery. Ronny has one real hand and one fake one, and in the end he gets to marry Cher. Cher is a bit of a handsome woman, but I'll let that slide.

2) Jim Abbott - He was major league baseball pitcher in the 80s and 90s. He was born with two arms and one hand. Yet he was able to become a decent pitcher and on one fine evening he was able to pitch a no-hitter.

3)Bob Dole - Dole is by far the oldest person on this fact I think Bob is the oldest living person on the face of this Earth, checking in at 578 years old. The Senator and former Presidential hopeful, was shot during World War II. This left his right arm paralyzed, which makes it hard for him to give out dap and handshakes. Speaking of making it hard, Bobby also dabbled in (and out and in again) Viagra ads.. Bob Dole. An American hero.

4) Musiq Soulchild/Slick Rick - Both of these men were born with two hands, but they get honorary props from me based on the success they have achieved with one eye.


tia said...

on juvies last night this 16 yr old boy only had one arm. when they brought him for intake the officer told him to take his hoodie off so they could get his other arm out and dude was like "i only have one arm sir." his name was richie john and i think you should add him to your list.

Janelle said...

I was going to mention the boy from juvies too!!! LOL

Jo said...

Wow! Nice list . . .I had no idea Bod Dole had the arm issue . . .And Musiq only has one eye? Is that real?