Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Freedom at last. I went to the doctor's office today, and he told me that I no longer have to wear the splint on my hand. It isn't completely healed, but he gave me a series of exercises to do, so that I can properly heal. I'll be hitting walls again before Easter.

Yesterday, before the blog Gods decided to shut me down, and deleted my one handed masterpiece, I was trying to describe the beauty of this movie I saw entititled, "For Love of Ivy". This movie starred Sidney Poitier(prounounced Pwa-tee-yay..i love phonetic spellings), and a jazz singer/actress named Abbey Lincoln. This movie is considered to be one of the first romantic comedies that had two black leads. The dialogue is corny at times, and the pace, as with all movies back then, moves a bit slow, but it is still an excellent movie in my opinion. What's the best part? It focuses on romance. The movie focuses on Sidney Pwa tee yay's relationship with this woman, from initial meeting, to the courting phase, to the awkwardness surrounding courting, and then the fallout that happens when you admit you're falling for someone. I don't always see movies today, that focus on that side of relationships, and I found it to be refreshing. Plus Sidney was so damn smooth..

The other thing I wrote about yesterday was this excellent book, I bought last Friday entitled, "On the Shoulders of Giants" by Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The primary focus of this book is the Harlem Renaissance, and its profound effect on Kareem. Through his own research, as well as stories that were told to him by his parents, he was able to put this book together, and I have learned a whole lot in the 44 pages I've read in 2 days. Kareem as always been an anti-sports jock. He was an academic All-American at UCLA in the 60s, as well as one for his on the court exploits. He's often pissed off sportswriters and teammates with his I-know-more-than you demeanor that's often times unintentional. But his ability to write and think definitely cannot be denied, so if you have some free time, and you want to learn(or learn more) about the Harlem Renaissance, I suggest this book as an entry point.

Most of my brackets, for March Madness are totally ruined, and it is crystal clear that for the 45th year in a row, I will not be winning any money off this damn tournament. Its a good thing I didn't really talk to much trash this year.

I Didn't Mean To Turn You On - Robert Palmer
Yeah I know Cherelle has a version of this song, but I like Robert's better. The music is better on this version.


Jo said...

Noooo! No more hitting walls. We have got to make sure we get that OUT of your life.

Pwa tee yay's movie sounds like a good one . . .I will have to check it out!

Happy freedom to you and your hand! Have fun with the exercises and be careful with the fragile state of your hand.

hadassah444 said...

you'll be hitting walls before easter, is that a riddle of some sort?

I'll have to check out that movie.

tia said...

omg...i prefer the robert palmer version too. it's so much funkier than cherelle's.