Wednesday, March 28, 2007

God did not give me the talent or the height to play my favorite sport(basketball) professionally, so as a result I throw myself into watching and analyzing not only basketball, but any and every sport I can get my hands and eyes on(how's that for a run-on sentence). And since I am not able to play, I am extremely critical of today's athletes, because they repeatedly abuse the God-given talents and ability they possess. There are examples past and present of supremely talented individuals who perform well on the field/court, but their behavior(s) away from the game ultimately hinder them from getting the chance to display this talent consistently. An example from the past is Micheal Ray Richardson. Micheal Ray(and yes he spelled his first name Micheal) was considered to be ahead of his time as a point guard, but his inability to kick his addiction to drugs and alcohol cut short his NBA career. Players who played against and with Micheal Ray, say that he had a chance to be as good as Michael Jordan, but he blew it. A current football player who is doing the same thing is Adam Jones, affectionately known as "Pacman".. Adam Jones is brilliant on the field, but off the field he has been arrested about 10 times in 2 years for all types of dumb things, and it is about to cost him his NFL career, despite the fact that he is only 23 years old.

Athletes like Micheal Ray and Pacman, should take a trip to Washington DC, and follow me around for a week, and see how they like my life. I'm not unhappy, but I'm nowhere near the glamourous life of these two athletes. But they should get a taste of how the other half lives, and then maybe they would have more of an appreciation of the positions they are I type this I realize that I am living in a fantasy world. As long as there are athletes with money, there will be both responsible and irresponsible ones. The ones who are irresponsible should be forced to hand over their money and women to me, and let me show me them how it should be done.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Micheal Ray was involved in one of the funniest interviews ever in sports:

REPORTER: What do you think is happening to the team?
Michael Ray Richardson: The ship be sinking.
REPORTER: How far can it sink?
Richardson: Sky's the limit.

Scarlett Johansson and her streak of can-do-no-wrong movies finally ended for me last night, when I saw the Girl with a Pearl Earring. The movie itself wasn't too bad, although it dragged at spots. But who cares about that, clearly I was in it to look at Scarlett, and it was nothing special. The movie was set in the 1660s, so a woman dressing or looking sexy was an unlikely sight, so Scarlett was severely handicapped from the start. She was pale, all of her attributes(except her lips) were hidden, and I just wasn't impressed. Her acting was good, and it was pretty sexy to hear her talk with Bri-tish accent again. But again I was disappointed. By the way, in case you're wondering, it is NOT easy being this shallow.

Foolish Heart - Steve Perry


hadassah444 said...

you were doing so well but the ending ruined it...

Jo said...

LMAO . . .you mean it's not easy being THAT shallow! LOL! You are hilarious . . .The movie was a bit slow, but you have to appreciate it for what it is . . . the script was written around a famous painting (a real one) and the author had to come up with something.

Also, I LIKE the way Micheal spells his name . . .I always mess up Michael, becuase it looks all wrong to spell it that way when it actually sounds like Micheal. And anyway, the folks that wrote the article spelled it all wrong as well.

As for Mr. Pac . . . he looks like a trouble maker and obviously has no BOUNDARIES. He deserves what he gets, even if he is good on the field.

As for following you around . . . I guarantee that if they had to live your life for a day, they would certianly OPT for the GLAMOROUS LIFE. (Thanks for the song . . .I have had it on repeat for days in my car . . . it goes in my playlist - gotcha!) I am not saying that your life is bad, but more is ALWAYS better.

Bashful said...

Rashad you are off the Thanks for stopping through and showing a sistah some luv.

nichole said...

i told you it was slow. a lot of silences. the book the movie is based on (which was based on the painting) is more lush but still light on the dialogue. i like period films so i watch it for costuming, set, and color.