Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I am starting to really admire people who stay married even 5 years let alone 20, like my parents did or 65 years like my great aunt and uncle pulled off. I can't even get through 3 months without feeling anger, frustration, and all kinds of other emotions, and I've been stuck in this rut for quite sometime. And its not like I'm in the minority either, because the majority of my friends are single. Some of them are coming off heartbreak, some are voluntarily single, and others are stumbling and bumbling from person to person. For right now, my brother is my hero..I know he and his wife may have problems that he shields from me, but from my tunnel vision point of view, he and his wife are a happily married and proud parents. I'm smart enough to know and understand that path isn't necessarily for everyone, but its working for him. God Bless Him, and God Bless America...and nowhere else.

So Chris Rock was on the Inside Actors Studio last night, and it was pretty entertaining. I've watched many fine actors come on that show, and the movies James Lipton references are usually just as good, if not better than the actual actor/actress. Such was NOT the case last night with Rock. His comedic genius usually doesn't translate to the big screen(except for Pootie Tang). And at times, I felt like Chris was using that show to try out new material..and I guess that's understandable, since comedians are always "on". But I never got that feeling when watching Eddie Murphy or Dave Chappelle on there. I wondered if Chris would have started crying, if he had been allowed to talk about his emotions surrounding his dad's death a bit longer, instead of them going to commercial. I also wondered how Chris was able to pull such a good looking wife..I mean he's Pookie for God's sake. Clearly, I'm underestimating how much mileage a man can get out of making a woman laugh. Or maybe he has a smooth, Billy Dee Williams side that no one but his wife knows about.

Too High - Stevie Wonder

Now, this song came on my ipod right before I stepped into work today, and I highly recommend you listen to this song with headphones. Stevie plays ALL of the instruments from harmonica to drums to the keyboards. He is a genius, but he's still blind, which makes this feat that much more amazing to me.


Anonymous said...

..."but he's still blind."

classic rashad!

hadassah444 said...

I'm starting to believe I'm not a marrier (if thats a word Rashad) then I consider why am I not. Like, whats life gonna be like for me when I'm old...

Jo said...

Even Cris Rock and his wife have had marital problems.

And just because some of your friends are "coming off heartbreak, some are voluntarily single, and others are stumbling and bumbling from person to person," it doesn't mean that their situation is any better than yours. Relationships are just hard. And as for your brother . . . have you ever heard of newlywed bliss? Well, that's what that is called. Relationships are always a challenge, whether you are in one or not.

We are all the walking wounded and we bring that with us into love relationships. So, when it sucks, it sucks . . .and no matter what, good or bad, it usually always hurts to some degree. (Although a psychic reader just told me that the reason I have bad luck with love relationships is that two people have placed black magic on me! LOL! At least I have something to blame my bad luck on . . . the good thing is that in spite of the evil doers, I will apparently get married at some point and have three kids! LOL!)