Thursday, March 22, 2007

It is funny to me that on my way to work I can be dressed in a jacket, a nice shirt, slacks and shiny shoes while carrying my briefcase, and be looking and feeling pretty damn professional. Meanwhile, the music in my headphones is playing this, and I'm mouthing the lyrics like I wrote the damn song. People all around me are reading the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the latest Zane (who isn't that much better than what I was listening to) or John Grisham book, and I'm listening to rap music with impressive amount of misogyny and cursing. Sometimes I need that to get my day started, and if my son were to ask me to explain to him why I listen to such music, I'd have no rational defense, except to say that life is full of hypocrites and complex people and I am one of them, now get out there and be a man.

I talked to this woman yesterday who has been married 25 years, and she mentioned that she had just seen the new Chris Rock movie, I Think I Love My Wife, starring Rock and the fine ass Kerry Washington. There is a section of the movie that presents marriage as boring, mundane, full of routines and conversations about dinner, kids and curtains. My 25-years-married friend, pretty much cosigned on all of these points. She said the honeymoon period for her lasted about 3 or 4 years, and then there was a 10 year stretch where her and her husband were raising kids, getting ahead in their jobs and occasionally they would incorporate sex and romance into their relationship, but it wasn't even in the top 10 of their list of priorities. She said that they both thought about stepping out on each other, not because they didn't love or still like each other, but simply because they wanted a fresh face, as opposed to the one they had been looking at each and every day and night. However, she did say that eventually, they stopped, talked, reprioritized(don't believe that's a word), and stayed faithful and true to one another. Listening to that story was both scary and inspiring, and I'm sure if I talked to 30 other married people, they'd give me stories that were both similar and different to the one I heard. So what's my point here? Absolutely nothing, I just file these things away in the dark crevices of my mind for later use.

By the way, that Chris Rock movie is just ok. I've been hearing that married and long time relationship people enjoy the movie much more, because it speaks to their situation. It's a comedy, but there aren't a string of jokes like most Rock movies..comedy is just a backdrop to the larger point he's trying to make, and it comes off as just ok. That's my movie review..

Median - Comfortable

They lyrics are just ok, but the beat and the sampling of this Luther Vandross song are quite enjoyable.


hadassah444 said...

Once you hit thirty, its time to let hip hop go...

If I didnt know any better, I would read your thoughts (and you friend)and think marriage sucks. I don't have all the answers regarding it but I know for certain that you can't be selfish. how can you get bored with the one you so called love?

dont believe the hype!!!

Jo said...

Lots of songs today . . .that's always good.

And yes, we really are just a bunch of hypocrites.

And weren't we just having a convo yesterday about how mundane and boring relationships can be . . .maybe in the end some of us really aren't cut out for them . . . boring sure can be scary!

Bashful said...

Marriage can indeed get boring but that is why people say it is a whole lot of work. A couple has to work to keep things interesting and fresh in the midst of careers, raising kids and growing as individuals.

Lord knows I truly miss being married and I would take being married over being single any day.