Thursday, March 29, 2007

Man I swear, I could NOT make this stuff up even if I tried. In yesterday's blog, I mentioned Micheal Ray Richardson as an example of a player who did not take the privilege of playing in the NBA seriously, becuase of his drug and alcohol abuse. Well apparently, Micheal Ray doesn't take his coaching job in the NBA developmental league too seriously either, because yesterday, he got in trouble for making anti-Semitic and anti-gay remarks in the same sitting.. This man is making me look good, I need to send him a bouquet of flowers or something. But seriously, I actually feel kind of bad for him, because he was finally turning the corner. Coaches who are in the NBA developmental league are basically grooming themselves for an NBA head coaching position, so Micheal Ray will be hard pressed to get a coaching job now, just on reputation alone. You can sit here and argue about whether what he said was right on not, but that's pointless. The head of the NBA is David Stern, who is a Jewish man, so there's no way in hell that is going to go without notice.

My boy Cliff commented that in the 80s, on the playground or in school, you could call another guy a "faggot", and it was no big deal. It didn't mean you were gay, it just was another insult like "jackass", "dummy" "big lips", etc. 20 years later, if you utter that word, you will have hell to pay, sensitivity classes to attend and the gay nation on your back(or maybe behind it). Times have definitely changed, and we as a nation are much more sensitive. You know the only group of people who can continue to say what they want..comedians(Michael Richards) is excluded. Good comedians can do racial humor in a way that makes you laugh, makes you think but doesn't offend. That kind of stuff is off-limits to everyone else.

It is hilarious to me when the weather changes, and the temperature drops from the high 70s, to the mid 50s, and folks STILL dress like its summertime, because they are in severe denial. There was this woman who had on a sleeveless shirt, and a skimpy dress, and she was doing the it-is-cold-outside other words her shoulders were hunched, her head was down and she was looking a scary Seal album cover.

i'm going to chicago for this weekend, so that should provide me with wonderful blogging material. Now that I have a laptop, and I actually accurately chronicle my always entertaining airport experience. Airports are the cure for writer's block man, I am absolutely sure of this. If anyone is having trouble coming up material, or if a comedian needs some joke ideas, the airport is THE place to be. People are coming and going, trying to find luggage, buying flowers at the 11th hour, having sex in the bathrooms, getting drunk before their flight, and then the actual airport employees take their jobs WAY more seriously than it really necessary. And yes my friends, I will be in the midst of all this craziness tomorrow. I can't wait.

777-9311 - The Time
The drumming on this song, specifically the hi-hat work, is quite spectacular. I think this song is the longest one I've ever linked in this blog.


hadassah444 said...

no comment on that gay stuff for fear of the backlash....

have fun in chi-town

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

Chicago is my favorite city in America here are my recs:

Ann Sather's for a cinnamon roll
Yoshi's for excellent food
Funky Buddha for drinks and good music
Boutique for a real club with a nice feel

Bashful said...

Have fun in Chitown Rashad!

Jo said...

Kramer IS a racist . . . how can you say stuff like that and NOT be?