Tuesday, April 17, 2007

During my first week at Hampton University, there were gunshots fired at the Burger King located at the edge of campus. I remember the reactions to the gunshots varied from those who ran towards the commotion to see what was going on, to those who just ran as fast as they could away from the action. I remember hearing some folks say the reason they came to a university that was semi-isolated like Hampton, was to escape the violence of their hometowns. Others like me, were just surprised(and at 17 very naive) that this would take place on college campus. I had spent most of my teenage years in Potomac, MD, which was close to DC, but not close enough for me to see any violence up close and personal. Stories of violence would lead the local news almost every night, but my parents purposely kept me as sheltered as they could. For this reason, I hoped that the story of these gunshots going off did not reach my parents, because I knew they would worry, and how could they not. You JUST sent you child off to be away from home for an extended period of time for the FIRST time, and during that FIRST week your biggest fear as a parent comes true: something happens that you really cannot control. And that is the saddest part about what happened yesterday at Virginia Tech. Colleges are allegedly supposed to be controlled environments, so when something happens like it did yesterday, it is surprising and then you realize just how vulnerable that atmosphere really is.

I'm in a weird place right(or as my friend dana said, a dark place) now man, and I really cannot describe it. I feel like I'm on the brink of some time type of breakthrough, but I just haven't pushed myself enough to get there. Maybe its the weather, maybe its because I haven't sat still during a weekend in a while, maybe its because I'm not getting sex when I want it, but more than likely, its because I am not pushing myself like I should. So just like I did a few weeks back, when I wrote that article on a whim, I'm going to have to push myself here to do something. One thing I am going to do is write a review of a nightclub/lounge. I read about this spot called Vegetate in the weekend section of the Washington Post, and I thought to myself, that sounds cool. It is vegetarian restaurant that also serves liquor, beer and wine. So I will march on down there during happy hour, write down my observations, and then submit it somewhere local. Maybe that will serve as yet another catalyst.

Everyday It Rains - Mary J


hadassah444 said...

Everything has its time. I wish you luck with your breakthrough.

Jo said...

The restaurant sounds cool. Wish I could hang out with you there. DC really has soooo much to offer.

As for the darkness, the light will break through soon. Of this I am sure . . .we just need to make sure we are ready for it.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

look real close or you will miss vegetate, lol. i believe it's black owned too.