Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Have you ever had one of those days where you knew immediately after your eyes opened you were destined for a good day. There was no snooze button, no dragging in the shower while the warm water hit your face(and for my removable shower head friends, those other "special" body parts), and there was no laying back down on the bed after you got out of the shower. No my friends, these are the kinds of days where you feel completely invincible and it carries over from the time you leave the house to when you get back in the bed at night. Athletes call it being in the zone, jesus freaks call it being blessed, and regular folks call it just plain lucky.. Today is not like that for me. I have felt cranky from the minute I awoke from my 5 hour sleep. You see yesterday, through my travels and then my work day, I was operating on 20 minutes sleep. Between me playing records, writing on my laptop and watching the Florida-Ohio State game, I didn't go to bed until almost midnight..like a jackass. And I'm paying for it dearly, as my eyes are burning as I type this entry. I may have to come down with a bad stomach flu and go home for some quality sleep.

Speaking of the laptop, I think the honeymoon period is over, and it's time to get down to do some serious writing. I've downloaded music on itunes, visited my favorite sites in the privacy of my own home, customized my fantasy footballs squads and all that, but now its time to write. I've started various stories and ideas, not I have to step my game up, give 110%, and take my game to that next level(that's athlete speak). As my boy Cliff so eloquently said last, I expected to see more blog entries, and instead you're writing less, and that has been true. Granted, I've been out of town, but that's no excuse, and I'm harder on myself than anyone else is on me, so I know better.

I was disappointed that Ohio State could not pull out the victory last night against Florida. Mainly because I was sick and tired of seeing Joaquim Noah's face all over my tv. He's an alright player, but dammit the media just couldn't get someone else on that team to interview and talk about. It was always him. But from a sports standpoint, it made perfect sense that Florida would win the championship. They actually had players who shunned the NBA, stayed together, and actually played like athletes who wanted to get better both individually and as a team. That is rare in today's college basketball landscape. Ohio State represents what we are used to seeing: A young team with tremendous talent, but a team that isn't quite ready to take that next step. The Florida players are now NBA ready, and they have served their time in college. No they haven't graduated, but honestly, they came to college to get a job(the NBA) and graduation is just an optional but rarely is it a necessity for the elite college athlete. It would be nice if the Ohio State squad actually stayed in school for another year or two, to achieve the kind of maturity on and off the court that Florida did, but I doubt it. Plus that's just the selfish side of me speaking.

And finally, I hate it when men and women who NEVER watch sports, all of a sudden watch a major sporting event, and then they want to come to your office and talk your head off as if YOU are the neophyte. In fact there is this woman here at my office, who I know is dying to make her loud mouth ass over to my office to do just that. I could be holding the phone and writing down a message, and she STILL would talk. By the way, this same woman used the word, "analyzation" on Thursday.

Visions - Stevie Wonder
I'll Do Anything/I'm Sorry- Ginuwine

The first song is the original, the second is the sampled version..
These songs make me a little less cranky


hadassah444 said...

I didnt hit the sack until 1am, I'm super tired this morning, BUT!!! "I'm off tomorrow"....

Since Cliff brought it up, hahaha You know, since the arrival of this laptop your writing hasn't been what I expected. Are you scared, writers block, what?

Your sports writing is excellent. give us more!!!
what are you thoughts about players,ie...greg oden who leave college early for the NBA?

Bashful said...

Rashad don't fake a stomach flu, just tell them you are peacing out, go home and get some sleep bruh.

tia said...

i was just listening to that ginuwine song over the wknd.

Jo said...

PS. According to dictionary.com, analyzation, pronounced an·a·ly·za·tion, is a noun. You SNOB!

Miss Black River said...

I could not even bring myself to watch that game last night. Yes I drank a whole pitcher of hater-ade after Georgetown lost. Love Joakim Noah - his energy is infectious. I would like to put some cornrows in that hair though :).