Saturday, April 28, 2007

-Is it really so bad that 5 of my crushes are non-black? I mean really..I'd like an explanation of why one of my anonymous readers is disappointed.

-Yes it is the weekend, and I'm not really inspired to right in the normal format I normally do, I hope that's not too disappointing

-My beloved Washington Wizards are playing hard this series, and this afternoon was no different. They played hard, they pushed Lebron and the Cavs, and the "role" players have actually stepped up to make this a competitive series, but in the end they came up just short..again. It looks as if they are going to get swept. But they can find encouragement in the fact that next year, they will better, stronger, faster...

-I'm on my way to a club..something I normally don't do. But after last weekend of me staying in the house, playing the part of Hermit Man, I figured it wouldn't be bad for me to step out and get out there

-There have been new developments in my case with my usual I can't go into detail, but it is VERY promising..this may be a damn good summer after all

-when I made my top 10 list of women I have crushes on, Beyonce didn't make the cut. after seeing this perhaps I should reconsider.

-The NFL draft is long and boring, but I sure did watch 80% of it today. the sad thing is, half of the players picked today will suck, the half of the ones who won't suck, will become stars for another team, not the one that drafted them. All this hype, all this network coverage is a bit much. But i'm a junkie, so I watch..i guess i'm a slave to the sports coverage.

-that's it for now, i'll be back tomorrow with more


nekia said...

I'm a little disapointed that we live in a day and age where people still care about the color of your crush. Fuck 'em, crush on the whole damned rainbow if you'd like!

Michell said...

Although, I don't feel like I have to explain myself to Nekia (fuck you too)...I'd be more than happy to discuss this offline with you, Rashad. Since I do know you personally, I could explain my disappoint as it pertains to you in particular.

If you had been just any black man, I wouldn't have been surprised by the list. Anyway, it was just an honest reaction to your list - that's it.

Regarding Nekia's comment about livng in this day and age where still people still care about race, I hope I don't need to remind her that we actually do live in age where black women are still by their beauty (e.g. Don Imus' comments). So when black women are no longer judged by their beauty in comparsion to that of white women and not referred to as nappy headed hoes (by men in general), then maybe I wouldn't care so much.

nekia said...

Oh Michell, I'm sure you are a wonderful person and this difference in opinion is just that. So I loved Rashad's top 10 blog because he didn't just choose the 10 hottest women in Hollywood, but he actually chose women he respected and commented on their character, humor, and intelect along with physical attributes. Most importantly Wanda Sykes was on the list and I think she's the shit, but was refreshing to see that some dudes are not just judging women from the outside.

Then you came in and ruined it with you're racist comment about how he needed more black women. Like as a black man he must have had at least 8 black women to meet his quota. What if they're light skinned, does that mean he has to add two extra, or do the dark skinned ones cancel them out. Or how about if they're latin...I mean that's close enough, right? I just seem's silly.

And then to use the ignant comments of Imus as justification. I doubt that the black women are are going to loose Rashad to the whites due to our nappy heads.

I'd just like to give Rashad an approving nod for just seeing smart, sexy, women.

Michell said...

If you think my comment was racist-oh well. I am entitled to my own opinion and my initial reaction to his blog and to the list. I refuse to justify myself to you, especially since you seem very judgemental. Perhaps, if you wanted to have an intelligent conversation without the sarcasm, then I might be interested in responding to your comments. But as a black woman, I think don't think my comments were silly, especially when considering the history of black women and perspection of their beauty in this country. But like I always say, to each his own.

Jo said...

No, RM . . . it's not a problem that 5 out of 10 were white . . .after all, we know your taste . . .WOMEN . . .

And Beyonce looked rather sluttish on that magazine cover . . .

Oh, and good luck with the court drama . . . I am hoping things turn out well.