Monday, April 09, 2007

Man you all are a tough crowd. I've written some things over the past week or so, that I consider to be very personal and pretty damn good, yet I've heard a lot of bitching and moaning about my blog either via the phone, email, or sometimes directly in the comments. I do appreciate the feedback and all, but damn these things are hit and miss..touch and go if you will

That being said, this entry is going to suck, I already feel it. My eyes are burning, its 30 degrees outside in April, and while I'm on the train I accidentally brushed up against this woman's ass, and she gave me this dirty look as if I did it on purpose. I wanted to say lady, I am a professional pervert, and if I wanted to grab your ass, I certainly would have gotten my money's worth and gone for the jugular. I was just walking, she stopped suddenly and I hit my hand up against her (nice) ass. When you're dealing with a Monday morning, it doesn't take much to throw you in a tailspin, and that is where I am right now.

Since I started writing this blog, I always find some time to write about the brilliance of Tiger Woods, so I suppose its only fair that I speak on his failures a bit as well. Tiger did NOT win the Masters yesterday as so many people expected him to, as he lost of some dude named Zach Johnson who will never win the tournament again in his life. I take it personally when Tiger loses, because I secretly feel like the white men who dominate the control of the sport, take great pride in trying to design a course that Tiger cannot conquer, so when it happens I think they privately rejoice. And you may ask yourself, why would officials design a course with the deliberate intent of keeping Tiger from winning? It's all about ego, and there's plenty to go around in golf, specifically at the exclusive Augusta National Golf Club. Plus Tiger hurt his own chances of winning, with some careless play at the end of each of his three rounds. The fact that I'm even writing about golf on a Monday morning is just sad...

The Sopranos started last night, and with the exception of a funny fighting scene between Bobby and Tony, the episode was incredibly boring. I understand that they have to slowly build up the last season and all, but they could have started off with more of a bang. I plan to write about each of the episodes, but today there just isn't a lot to discuss..except that Tony's masculinity has taken a huge hit since his near death experience last year. We'll see how that plays out. We need to see more of Dania Ramirez who is playing AJ's girlfriend. For you perverted, sex crazed people, you may remember her doing fantastic lesbian scene with Kerry Washington in Spike Lee's movie, "She Hate Me". Now that was a fine piece of acting..

Suddenly the day is looking up

Show Me The Way-Earth Wind and Fire featuring Raphael Saadiq


hadassah444 said...

I only watch the Masters on Sunday because I think thats the best day. After Tiger bogey the 5th hole, I stopped watching. I agree I think they change the course because of him.

Happy Monday

Jo said...

Why did they have to go around writing up newspaper articles like, "The Man Who Took Down Tiger." And stuff like that. It sounds like golf world is ecstatic that he lost.

As for your writing, it's not always going to be a win-win situation, so just suck it up, okay!?

Janelle said...

The woman probably gave you the side eye (that's what you call the evil, eyebrow arched, side glare you give someone you think is disprecting you) to see what kind of pervert you were. The kind she would backslap with her purse or the kind she slips her business card to. LMAO