Saturday, April 21, 2007

My weekend blog entries tend to be a bit more scatterbrained, and that's because I am usually doing too many damn things at once, and today is no different. Right now I am listening to this song, I just finished reading this blog (more on this later), and I am in the midst of watching the first round of the NBA playoffs...specifically i'm watching this fantastic match up of New Jersey vs Toronto. Vince Carter gets the chance to eliminate the team that drafted him back in '98. So as you can see I am once again on sensory overload and i'm loving every minute of it. I mean sure it is about 80 degrees and beautiful outside, and I probably should be out there enjoying the weather. But I have no regrets. I currently drinking cranberry(pronounced cranburry) juice, I'm eating meatballs, I'm downloading music and dirty movies, and life is good. If I had a camera, I'd tape this whole thing and send it to all of the major news think they would air it as much as they are airing that OTHER movie..I sincerely doubt it.

Questlove's blogs(see above) are the oddest, most entertaining combination of words that you will ever read. He has random references, humor, a vast array of musical knowledge, and he breaks every rule in English language, yet I am always drawn to them. And then sometimes he does a video blog, and even those are just as compelling. He's my second favorite blogger behind my main man Bill Simmons. When I make recommendations to you people, do you actually follow thru? or do you just say yeah that's nice and keep it moving? i'm curious

i'll be back throughout the day and weekend writing about mainly sports but who knows what else..

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Jo said...

Yeah . . .RM. You really should have been outside. I was outside my mom's house pulling weeds . . .good times indeed! LOL!