Sunday, April 22, 2007

Never underestimate the importance of a compliment. It could someone saying you have nice eyes, someone saying you have nice shoes, or in my case someone me an email and complimenting me on my blog. This person didn't even know me, yet he took time out to say he liked my blog, and that goes a long way. I have friends and family who read the blog, and I was appreciate it when they say nice things whether its leaving a comment or emailing me. But when someone from the "outside" does the same, its a beautiful thing. Have I beaten this horse enough? Just last week, this guy in my office had on a nice suit, and i told him about it..of course, every man knows that when you compliment another man, you have to throw a "man", "dog", "champ" or "sport" immediately afterwards to lessen the ghey factor. For example, if a guy said to me, Rashad you look nice today..I would start looking for the rainbow flag(not that anything is wrong with that). But if someone said, man, you like sharp today man, I wouldn't suspect anything. There were two strategically placed "mans"(irony), and the use of the word sharp as opposed to nice. That's powerful complimenting right there. This has gone on way too long.

I started writing this, because I was mad that the Denver Nuggets had allowed the Spurs to take the lead, but while I've been writing, Denver has regained the lead going into halftime. Good times indeed. Speaking of halftime, these halftime interviews of out of breath players needs to stop. These players are sweaty, tired, and some(not all) aren't all that adept at maneuvering through the English language anyway, so why set them up for failure by catching them RIGHT before they go to the locker room. It aint right.

I can't stress this enough..this weekend has been a sports watcher's paradise. Usually, when halftime of a game comes, I have to go get food or call someone, who find something to entertain me for 15 minutes. But today, once halftime came, all I have to do is turn to ESPN, and the Red Sox and Yankees are JUST starting. It's been like this for 3 I know what Viagra must feel like. Now all these sporting events will backfire on me at 9. I definitely have to see the Sopranos, which means i'll be missing the sporting events, but oh well. I know people who use their DVR or on-demand systems to watch the Sopranos on a different day, but I can't do that. Invariably, there is always one jackass on the train or in the office who gives away the complete episode, before I can view it. So i'll be watching it on time, while flipping to sports periodically. I think this will be my last entry of the night, I need to focus man.

Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder

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Jo said...

Hope you were able to focus. And yeah . . .compliments are real nice. They feed the ego! We ALL need that every now and again!