Thursday, April 26, 2007

Okay I barely watched the damn democratic presidential debate. I watched for about 30-45 strong minutes, and I then I got bored very quickly. Even though no one was reading off the paper, they may as written out speeches. Personally, I think it is way too early to be debating..instead they should be doing more getting to know you type things, so we know exactly where everyone stands prior to a debate. As it stands right now, I ended up learning about some of these candidates during the debate. Perhaps that's anal of me, but oh well. Some observations:

-joe biden bragging that he owns a shotgun was in poor taste. the fact that he owns it is not a big deal, but damn the Virginia Tech tragedy is barely a week old

-Bill Richardson came off as very rigid and very nervous. he needs to relax a bit, there are 18 more months of this campaigning stuff to go

-hillary clinton does not answer ANY questions..she speaks in riddles and rhymes but at the of her speeches i find myself wanting the last 2 minutes of my life back...i wonder where she got that ability from....

-obama was solid. not good, not bad

-former Alaskan gov Mike Gravel was the only one who actually dared to attack the other candidates, and that was refereshing. But to me he was one more animated response away from pulling a howard dean. that's a bit too creepy

Of course all of the candidates criticized Iraq and said the things that they would do when in office. But they fail to realize that its easy to sit and talk jive about what you're GONNA do, but will you follow through? And will Bush even put any of these candidates in position to succeed. These questions can't be answered right now. So again the debate is pointless right now..let's wait until later on this year when we know more.

That's my take on the debate. dont let the networks try to fool you into making it more than it really was a stroke your own dick session...and yes i said dick in my opposed to a box

now let me give a disclaimer..i DO vote, and i do care about who runs this country next year because as i said earlier, this election is the biggest one of my lifetime. But i find it hard to care in April of a non election back to my basketball game


Jo said...

That video was WAAAAYYY too funny!

Sak is Back!!!! said...

I've been reading your blog for a few months now and I've found it quite interesting. You appear to be a "no holds barred" kind of guy and I like that. My only complaint is that you didn't have a Friday morning blog posted today. In the mornings I usually check the gossip blogs and then check to see your words of the day...but today there were none. What's up with that?

Bashful said...

Get out of my head! LOL! Have a great weekend! :)