Friday, April 27, 2007

So the other day, one my friends was talking about how she has had almost a 15 year crush on Chris Webber.. She mentioned that she was watching tv one time while during her homework, he appeared on screen, and then BOOM she fell in love. Well that got me thinking..who are my crushes, past and present. Well boys and girls, allow to me introduce them to you..

10)Jenna Elfman- During the few times that I watched Dharma and Greg, I was always taken by Jenna's subtle sexiness. She wasn't overly pretty or physical overbearing, but her character on that show led me to believe that she was sexy. Then i saw the movie Keeping the Faith, and I thought the same thing..and for my racist readers yeah she's white so what.

9)Janeane Garofalo- This has less to do with looks and more to do with sense of humor and attitude. I LOVE the way she is in movies, on political shows and in print interviews. she's smart, but she's not afraid to mix it up at all. She's the kind of woman I could talk to for hours at a time, and that my friends is sexy.

8)Wanda Sykes- I have always had a thing for older woman with big breasts, and Wanda falls right into that category. Plus she went to Hampton, she's funny, and smart too.

7) Elizabeth Shue- The movie Leaving Las Vegas made me appreciate her. I know she played a hooker in that movie, but I found her to be very attractive and very sexy. She has that look of innocence about her, but I don't really believe that for one minute. I think she is money and she is ready to party

6) Pam Grier-Age is finally catching up to her, but in her heyday, Pam Grier was THE black female sex symbol of the 70s. She was confident, she had an incredible body, and she was one of the few women who had consistent leading roles in the yes they were exploitation movies, but still, she made her mark. She dated Richard Pryor, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and others, but none of them could tie her down..literally. I can honestly say that I would just want to give her about 3 good hours of getting-to-know-you time with my genatalia..ok maybe about 5. If she were younger, she'd be higher up.

5)Julia-Louis Dreyfuss-aka Elaine from Seinfeld. As Jerry himself put it in one episdoe, she's a man's woman, who doesn't have a lot of friends. and yes this is based just on her tv character, but hey it seems real. I do find Julia attractive, but I think its Elaine i'm really crushing on. Elaine had lots of sex, lots of dates, and again had a good sense of humor.

4)Serena Williams-She EASILY has the best ass on this list, she's the best athlete, despite what many jealous, hating women say, she is cute, and she's rich. i'd make her my wife, but steady sex wouldn't be a bad consolation prize.

3)Kelis-long before her marriage to Nas, long before she was Bossy, and way before the milkshake, Kelis was my crush. In fact it was 1999, when I took a shine to her. First I saw this video and then I saw this one, and I knew I was in love. She couldnt really sing, but she was cute and she looked way different than every other female act at the time. 2 years later I saw her in concert in DC, and I saw up her skirt, so that cemented it for me.

2)Scarlett Johansson - I have spoken about her at length in this blog. its her pouty lips..her youth, her big breasts, her ass, her acting ability...she's just beautiful.

1)Nia Long - I don't think she'll ever lose this #1 spot. She has a sexy voice, smooth skin, a smile that lights up a room, a sexy walk, a sexy pose, cute hairdo..she has it all, and I ever met her one time, and she looks damn good in person. I would NOT have sex with her..I'd wait her out and get married to her.



Ryan said...

whoa! How did Jessica Alba not make the cut? What about Jessica Biel?

Anonymous said...

You forgot ME!

nichole said...

your pam grier picture doesn't show. all it goes to is the homepage of david's drive-in theatre or whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little disappointed that five of the ten women on your list are non-black women.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

Somehow during the Golden State vs. Dallas game I told everyone my list. In no particular order:

Edris Elba
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jada Pinkett-Smith
Scarlett Johanssen
Natalie Portman

gasp my list is 3/5 white and 3/5 women!

Jo said...

Wasn't Leaving Las Vegas a GREAT movie . . .I absolutely LOVED the alcohol on the body by the pool scene . . .

Uhhh and Pam Grier is STILL fine . . .she was and is the hottest Black woman around . . .I wanna be like her when I get old. And where did you find that picture? That it one hell of a shot!

Ummmm and Scarlett Johanson . . .I still don't get it. She is just not cute. And did you say she had a BUTT? Since when?