Sunday, April 22, 2007

There needs to be some type of service that delivers breakfast 7 days a week, but especially on the weekends. Every time I wake up on Saturday and Sunday, I start thinking about this in detail. They should start delivering at 6am, and it should run to about 1pm, for those folks who like to sleep late for various reasons. No one really wants to cook breakfast(except for those people who are trying to impress their one night stand), but they definitely want to enjoy it. I'm sure somewhere in this fine country, there is such a service.

So after yesterday's marathon sports watching session, I am back again to tackle Sunday's sporting events. There are four more NBA playoff games today, including one that starts in about 45 minutes, and features my beloved Washington Wizards, who will be lucky to win just one game let alone the series. But I'm a fan, so I'll watch regardless. While all these games are on, i also have to find time to watch the Sopranos at 9, Mayweather/De La Hoya 24/7 at 10:30, and the Yankees/Red Sox at 8. Good times indeed. I may try to keep a diary style blog going today, if I can reel in my attention span.

I was telling my friend this morning, that I was almost tempted to go to church this morning. Whenever a tragedy happens in this country or beyond, I find that the clergy are often times able to put things in such a way, that it makes sense. Plus they give you a bit of inspiration/hope that can get you through the week and beyond. And ultimately, that's ONE of the things that church and the word of God should do. It should inspire you to want to do better and to live right, and yes i'm oversimplifying, but you get my point. But I was lazy, I couldn't get my breakfast delivered, and I decided not to attend church..but I will do the next best thing, and I will call my mother who is a pastor, and have her give me some over-the-phone healing.

i'll be back


Anonymous said...

One night stands don't get the benefit of being impressed, only the one they want to come back again does. But I get your point, delivered breakfast would be good

Jo said...

Can you work a little bit harder on finding that service? We really, really need one.