Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This morning, I walked past a group of birds that were huddled around some sticks and grass, that they were presumably trying to gather for their respective nests. As I got closer to the birds, they did what birds do in reaction to human footsteps, and they flew away before I could say hello. Sometimes I wish I could reach out to the birds, and say look guys, I'm not going to hurt, eat or touch you. I am just on my way to work, and you all can go on about your business. In fact, you all can do what humans do when they are driving, and they want folks to go can just roll down your window(of course this analogy is flawed), stick your hand or claw out, and motion for me to go past you. Same thing with squirrels by the way..when the squirrels are running around trying to harvest their nuts, I wish they would continue to do just that, instead of running up and in a tree and across dangerous power lines just to escape me. It's almost offensive for them to run away without saying hello. I'm not asking for them to treat me as well as they treat Dr. Dolittle..I just want a little respect.

So the last time I talked to my son, he mentioned that his new favorite show was That's So Raven. I explained to him that was one of my shows too, and he said Daddy you're too old to watch that show, and then there was an awkward silence. Carlton broke the silence by saying that his favorite character was some dude named Eddie to which I responded by saying, "Who?". But before he could answer, I explained to him that my favorite character was Raven, and immediately he picked up on perverted thoughts, and he said that I probably just wanted her to be my girlfriend, to which I say why yes..yes I do. I wanted to see have you SEEN Raven Symone lately my son? But I said nothing. But clearly this woman no longer belongs on this kids show...all that curvy goodness is being wasted on little kids who can't appreciate what they are seeing. She needs to do a home video or a soap opera, or a coming of age love story or something. She does NOT need to be the star of my son's favorite TV show.

So I saw the Rutgers team on Sportscenter last night, and I have a few observations. One, these women looked young..I mean real young. It hit me that they are college students, still finding their way. Some looked confident, some looked very shy, and some looked like they were going through that awkward stage college students go through when they are not quite sure how to be in public, and I know because I've been there. They seemed to be most at ease, when their coach, Vivian Stringer, did the talking. Its one thing to hear Imus' comments, but its an entirely different situation, when you see his intended targets, and how vulnerable they really are, not because they are women, but because they are college student athletes who normally fly way under the radar. Now does this mean that when I looked at a few of them I still didn't say, "Damn she looks like a dude"? Of course not, but still I was impressed with their composure, and I felt bad for them, as opposed to being angry with Imus. Ok no more of that story for now.

I have no focus at all today, and I think this scatterbrained writing reflects that.

Stereotype - KAM


Hadassah444 said...

yeah Rashad thats perverse of you. She's way to young for you to admit that out loud.

Today, on Good Morning America the coach and Essence were being interviewed. It was asked of them what was different about Imus's comment and it being said in rap music. Essence answered, there isnt. However, Imus specifically named them, to me thats what made if different in their case. But in essence, it really is no different. Can you hear me now when I say hip hop is dead!!!

rashad said...

When you say hip hop is dead it is a reflection of your poor taste in hip hop not of the music itself.

Jo said...

You and Imus are one in the same here . . .man they look like dudes . . .not good, not good at all . . .