Saturday, April 21, 2007

Well I'm halfway through my spectacular sports Saturday, and I'm starting to get a bit sleepy. I just watch the Miami Heat lose game one to the Chicago Bulls. I expected the Bulls to win this game, and they will probably win game 2 as well. Shaq couldn't stay out of foul trouble, and Dwyane Wade waited much too late to take over the game, but I would be very encouraged if I was Miami. They didn't play well much of the game, and they still had a chance to win it all. Game 2 should very interesting. All those people who said the Heat were too old to repeat, really need to pay attention just a bit more. They basically ask Shaq to start strong, they ask the reserves to maintain Shaq's momentum, and then they tell Wade to win it for them in the closing minutes. Of course there are games when they switch up the formula, but for the most part this is what happens.

While I was trying to watch the basketball game, I kept sneaking to watch the Red Sox/Yankee game on Fox. It is a bit early in the baseball season for this game to any real significance, but the games are definitely intense and fun to watch. Plus I openly hate on A-Rod both out loud and in my head, so these games give me more ammunition. I have about 90 minutes until the nba playoffs resume, so I think i'll jump rope or something, so I won't feel like a complete lazy bum.

Everybody who reads this damn blog knows that I live and breathe sports, so I have no clue why these same people call, text, and email me about getting out and enjoying this weather. They act like today is the only nice Saturday left, and after today, the rains and Ark cometh. I am totally happy sitting in front of this damn tv, and soaking up the sports. On days like this, i'm glad I live alone, because i'll be damned if I have to justify my sports addiction. And when I do get married, my wife, my married couple friends, my kids(well maybe not kids) will have to understand this, and if they don't, they are just going to have to suck on it and like it.

i think i'm going call Dennis Haysbert, and ask him to narrate my every move..and every now and then I want him to say, "That's Allstate's stand" just for the hell of it.

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Jo said...

I absolutely LOVED the Ark Cometh picture! LOL! I believe they are coming in more ways than one!