Friday, May 25, 2007

A friend of mine was nice enough to give me an Ambien last night to assist me my sleepless nights. Well the ambien worked, but it worked too well, because it is now 10:30, and I STILL feel incredibly sluggish and slow. I don't want to get addicted to those things, so i think that'll be my first and last experience them...hopefully. But you're a star anyway Renita!!!

Yesterday was an overall decent day. I hung out with Renita, the ambien dealer, I hung with my friend Michell who was in town from chicago, and I spent more planning my life in the next couple of months. The only bad part about the day, was that my landlord did show up and the apt yesterday. The insurance company showed up, I let them in the house, and I answered basic questions about the apt and my belongings in it But I needed the Landlord to be there, so I can discuss things with him, and he's allegedly still out of town. This part of the fire situation is getting more and more annoying. Sometime during the long weekend if not sooner, we are need to have a chat. I would hate to have to send his old ass to the Upper Rooooom.

The weekend looks pretty promising. I plan to eat BBQ, buy more clothes for week 2, watch plenty of basketball, and continue working on a master plan to get happy again. I looked twice at a couple of women while I was out yesterday, so perhaps a little my swagger is starting to come back. I also caught a bit of that Cavs/Pistons game, and I cannot believe Cleveland lost again. Detroit looks old, disinterested and anything else you can think of for 46 minutes, and then the last 2 they steal the game. This has to be completely demoralizing for Cleveland. If you need more proof that Lebron James is not Jordan, then just watch the games. Jordan would come out, get his teammates involved, and STILL drop 40 to 50 points. I had when folks are compared to Jordan, because they don't realize how truly dominant he was in wins or losses. Plus Jordan's commercials are better.

Until later..

Different Times - Raphael Saadiq featuring T-Boz


Jo said...

Yeah, your swagger is coming back. And based on the typos in the first part of your blog, that ambien was CERTAINLY working! ;o)

Jo said...

PS. Thanks for Raphael Saadiq . . .I am trying to close my eyes right now . . .it's not working so well, but I am trying. So, thanks for the song . . .