Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I had what I consider to be a damn good day yesterday. First, I was off work yesterday, which is always a beautiful thing. Second, I had great conversations both on and off line with friends and family. Third, I went to the record store and I was able to purchase Thriller and Purple Rain on vinyl for exactly $16. Fourth, I went out to eat and just happened to have some excellent salmon rolls and some tasty teriyaki chicken. Actually the chicken was a bit tough, but it was seasoned perfectly over steamed rice. Next, I went to a bar and had some quality conversation and laughs with yet another friend. And finally, I wrapped up my day by enjoying a martini, while hanging out in a jacuzzi, and then going for a brief swim. Speaking of Jacuzzis, I hadn't been in one in a few years and I completely forgot how relaxing they can be. I need to end ALL of my nights with a 20 minute swim in a pool and a jacuzzi. It relaxes me and its a damn good workout. I think that is the kind of day Ice Cube rapped about.

That's all I have for right now..short and sweet today

Mary Jane - Scarface


nichole said...

did you have the sex, too?

Bashful said...

See you are making me want to take a long overdue mental health day.

Jo said...

A JACUZZI DAYUM . . . I wanna be like MIKEY! ;o)